Sales Leader LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Sales Leader Image Mark Stonham WurlwindAs a Sales Leader, with a role such as Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development or New Business Sales,  you have a valuable opportunity to present yourself to your prospects as a specialist at solving customer problems and adding value, starting with what you say in your LinkedIn Profile.

Sales is about Leadership

Senior sales roles are about leadership.

  • Leading prospects into a business relationship with your company.
  • Leading customers into areas that improve their business performance.
  • Leading colleagues who are working with you as part of the sales and delivery team.

The likelihood is that you’re actually a pretty good leader, and people who work with you will recognise that. And that will be based on your knowledge and skills, backed up by your track record of performance against quota.

How to accelerate sales and improve sales effectiveness

The challenge today is to accelerate the journey with prospects through “know, like and trust” so that people who don’t know you that well will feel confident to meet and invest their time to develop a sales relationship with you.

Busy decision makers are checking out people on Linkedin to decide whether there will be a good return on their time, for a phone call, or a meeting. Their decision may be as simple as; Yes; No or Redirect to a colleague.

They may also look for common ground and shared interests, and you probably do too. They may also be checking to see if there’s a risk, personally, professionally or for their organisation, if they develop a commercial relationship with you.

What does a Sales Leader LinkedIn Profile rewrite do?

An important shift for many people in sales is to pivot the Linkedin profile from talking about themselves and their achievements in sales to talking about their customers and prospects, benefits delivered to them, and the trigger events that lead to a mutually beneficial initial conversation.

If you’re in a sales leadership, new business sales or business development role there are specific ways that your LinkedIn profile can support you to accelerate your sales achievements.

How does our Rewrite approach work?

Our proven approach will identify and communicate messages that will engage with your ideal clients. This may be when they are researching for new solutions and suppliers. More likely it’s when you have made the approach to them, through various channels, and they are checking you out prior to taking your call or agreeing to meet.

Our approach incorporates aspects of the Challenger Sales approach including Trigger Events, Reframing Requirements and Commercial Teaching. These are very applicable for people selling to key accounts.

When is a good time for a Sales Leader LinkedIn Profile Rewrite?

The ideal time to update or overhaul the profile is when preparing for a sales push, such as:

  • During the first 90 days at a new company – having decided on the way forward
  • Having taken on a new sale role in a company – perhaps as a result of promotion or territory change
  • Before you launch a new lead generation campaign – perhaps when tackling a new sector
  • When preparing for a trade-show, conference or lead generation event,
  • When going into a new year, half-year, or quarter, and reviewing and refining messaging
  • Or when hitting the phones for a cold-calling blitz – or using LinkedIn for a warm-calling campaign

The clarity gained from the rewrite process has been very valuable to people who have been through the process.

 The Profile Rewrite Process from Wurlwind

This process has been designed to deliver maximum value and optimise time on both sides.

  1. We ask you to complete a 1 page A4 background form to start the process
  2. We’ll then interview you by phone or skype for 45 minutes or so
  3. We’ll draft the key sections of Summary, current  role and more
  4. Then there’s a review process, by email or by phone, to agree the final copy
  5. We then post the changes on your behalf and update the settings etc of your LinkedIn Profile.

What’s included:

The deliverable outcome is an updated and rewritten LinkedIn Profile covering the following element:

  • Headline and Summary rewritten
  • Current Role rewritten
  • Previous roles commented on
  • Skills review and re-order
  • Groups review and suggestions
  • Contact Details and How to contact
  • Online support and a follow-up phone call is also included.

We know how to set these up in LinkedIn so clients find it beneficial if we post the changes to their profiles on their behalf.

The investment:

We aim to optimise both the financial outlay and the time you need to contribute.

  • The cost to you for the Sales Leader Profile Rewrite is likely to be covered by commission on one half-decent sale.
  • The time you contribute is about 2 hours.

Why choose Mark Stonham and Wurlwind for your profile rewrite?

The hardest part of writing the LinkedIn Profile for Sales is switching from “About Me” to “About You” and focusing on starting conversations rather than pitching solutions. That’s where our skills and experience come to the fore.

We have a track record of capturing the essence of what helps sales leaders to positioning (or re-positioning) themselves on LinkedIn to make it easier to engage with senior decision makers.

Mark has a 30 year track record in sales and sales management, particularly in key account and new business sales. He also has marketing qualifications (Marketing Degree and CIM Diploma).

Above all, check out what previous clients have said in the testimonials and recommendations on this page.

Email me, Mark Stonham, if you’re interested in getting a much more powerful LinkedIn profile that will really support your sales efforts.