LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Service for Management Teams

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Management Team Image Mark Stonham WurlwindA LinkedIn profile rewrite for you and your management team can be a wise investment as part of your marketing and sales plan.

When we only have a matter of seconds to make a first impression don’t you owe it to yourself and to your business to maximise that opportunity?

Our LinkedIn Profiles are the foundation for our online presence, our digital footprint, our online personal brand and professional presence.

LinkedIn is not just a place for jobseekers and recruiters. However it’s surprising how many senior people still have a CV style profile, which people might take as a sign they are looking for a job.

Even more surprising are the number of skeleton profiles of business leaders. What impression does that give out? Would you turn up for a meeting without a jacket and tie, looking dishevelled.

Creating powerful LinkedIn Profiles for you and your team.

At Wurlwind, our founder, Mark Stonham has been delivering LinkedIn profiles rewrites for several years.

During this time he’s made a discovery that is overlooked by many. He’s identified that

People in different business roles deserve to have LinkedIn Profiles that say different things.

After all, the profiles have different objectives and serve different purposes.

Allow me to explain…

The LinkedIn prompts that get you to 100% cover the foundations. But we know that’s just the starting point for senior managers and for generating new business at least.

LinkedIn Profiles need to engage the prospects, customers and referrers in many ways.

Profiles of each company and the key people in management and sales need to present a credible and joined up story.

After all, your website, premises, exhibition attendance, marketing and lead generation campaigns and many other expenses could be let down by a poor impression on LinkedIn.

Would these LinkedIn Profiles impress you?

– A Business Leader (Chairman, CEO, MD, Business Owner) who has a clear vision and mission for their business, one that spoke to prospects and customers, staff and recruits, suppliers and sales channel partners, investors and the press etc. One that supported the efforts of the sales and marketing team, customer services, production and development and more. Maybe one that highlighted growth and partnering opportunities. And one that inspired confidence in the likelihood that it would deliver, based on a track record of success. If the journey that the business is on was clear, and aligned with your aspirations, wouldn’t you want to know more?

– A Sales Leader (Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development, New Business Sales) who is clearly customer focused, plugged into the customers’ market, connected with decision-maker peers, aware of market trends and issues, and with a track record of heading up value delivery to clients, not just making quota. Wouldn’t you want to find out how you, your department and your company could benefit, reassured by the value you’d expect to get from a conversation, and confident that you could probably refer them to colleagues or clients.

– A Business Professional (such as Heads of delivery departments, project managers, consultants, fee earners, sales account managers etc.) who was clearly aware of their role and contribution to value delivery to clients, had clear expertise in one or more areas, and evidence of skills development and progression. And more so, would you feel reassured to see a team of specialists who worked together, as part of considering whether to short-list a potential supplier, or recommend them to your colleagues, or your clients.

– And the LinkedIn Company Page is what represents the business and ties together the profiles of the key individuals and staff. A powerful image and well crafted description to engage with prospects and customers, recruits and other interested parties. It can also support staff endeavours online, as the company page can make a major contribution to the way businesses are perceived, and the actions that visitors take.

This is what the Wurlwind LinkedIn Profile Rewrite service delivers – profiles that create a very positive first impression. From a sales perspective, profiles get viewed on a name look-up basis, when prospects are searching in LinkedIn for potential suppliers, and profiles get looked at as a result of activity within LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Profile Rewrite for Management Teams – The Investment

For FOUR Profiles – typically the Managing Director, Sales Director, plus two others – (eg. a sales person, department head, company page) the cost is £995

Our aim is to maximise the benefit you gain by having smart new profiles and minimise the time taken to interview, review and post the profile.

Reasons why people make the decision to get their profile rewritten

There are a few identifiable Triggers that have lead to people getting their profile rewritten by us.

1. Many have been referred to us by someone who has already had their profile rewritten by us.

We’re delighted that this has been such a success and it is a testament to the service and relationships we’ve built up.

2. Some are undertaking a rebranding and need a LinkedIn Profile update – either before or after the rebrand

When spending time and cost on a new website it’s a good time to also update LinkedIn and some agencies refer clients to us ahead of a new website project.

3. For others the trigger is that they’re going to a conference, exhibition, launching a lead generation campaign or similar

When investing time and expense on a lead generation campaign some realise that for a little bit extra they could have a permanent upgrade of their LinkedIn profile.

4. And some of our clients have become aware that other people (their peers) have better profiles and feel they need to avoid being left behind

And this may be a conclusion they’ve come to themselves, or it’s been highlighted to them by a customer, a colleague, a prospect or some significant other.

Maybe one of these has triggered your research into getting your LinkedIn Profile rewritten. Do let us know.

Reasons why people delay rewriting their LinkedIn profile

What has stopping you from getting your profile rewritten up until now? Having read this far you may recognise one or more of the following reasons we encounter for delays.

1. They don’t know what to write:

It’s easy to be too close to something to see the wood for the trees, to be wrapped up with an internal view of things, to be excessively technical and similar. Or maybe the benefits and achievements are vague, unclear or not considered valuable enough to go public about. Or more fundamentally maybe there is a lack of clarity about the value proposition, target audience, differentiation and similar strategic messages.

Our value as a very experienced sales and marketing consultant is to unravel that with you, and to tease out and present a clear message, one that will start conversations with the right people about the right topics.

2. They don’t have time to write it:

This delay has two parts – the first being the time to write the words to go into the profile, and the second is the time to learn how to get into LinkedIn in order to apply the changes. And as a result a rewrite can be consigned to the ‘too hard’ pile and be ignored, or superseded by other more pressing, urgent tasks.

Our value is making effective use of your time, by gathering background information in a structured way, interviewing by phone to really understand and identify key messages. We do the writing, submit a draft for review, and then, once agreed, we can post it to the profile, while also checking and updating settings and contact details.

3. They’re not convinced it’s worth it:

Yes, it can be hard to quantify the upside benefit of a good LinkedIn Profile, or the cost of opportunities lost. To make it really simple though, for most B2B businesses the value of ONE new client will more than pay for the cost of a rewrite.

We have feedback from clients about the positive impact that their LinkedIn Profile rewrite has delivered, including one who had an inquiry for a £250k pa partnership within 6 weeks of the rewrite, that was specifically attributable to one of the sentences included in the profile.

4. They want to remain anonymous and be invisible online:

This is an understandable concern, but one which may be more of a myth than a reality. The Internet has made a huge amount of our lives publicly visible. There is also the fear of making mistakes in a very public way.

Business success increasingly depends on being visible. People are finding that with progressive visibility come progressive benefits. The innovators have grasped the potential of the Internet and LinkedIn very quickly, and are forging ahead in their respective markets. Our clients say they feel much more confident as a result of having a very professional, purposeful profile created for them. With our support they are dressed for success online.

If you have questions, or need convincing, drop me (Mark Stonham) an email and I’ll provide answers.