Business Professional LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Business Professional Image Mark Stonham WurlwindHeads of Departments, Fee Earners, Sales Account Managers, Project Managers, Technical Specialists and many other people in a company deserve to have good LinkedIn profiles.

Customers and prospects may well look through the team profiles when checking out a business to decide whether they want to start or to develop a commercial relationship. LinkedIn is increasingly valuable for helping us and the companies we work for to be successful, not just for when people are looking for new positions.

A LinkedIn Profile for a Business Professional ought to go well beyond the 100% score that LinkedIn attributes when certain boxes are completed. As part of the management and delivery team of a business – especially a knowledge based business such as those in technology, agency, professional services or consultancy – it’s increasingly important to put the human faces and profiles for customers, colleagues and others to view.

The challenge of writing a LinkedIn Profile for a Business Professional

For many business professionals they don’t necessarily know what they know, or how to convey it through LinkedIn.

  • They may not have thought about it and broken it down into constituent parts
  • They may assume that their job title is sufficient for others to work out what they do
  • They may be too modest to be specific about their strengths and their contribution
  • They may not have time or knowledge about LinkedIn to write and to make the appropriate changes to their profile

And for companies, a random collection of profiles is not the best showcase for customers, prospects or recruits to see.

The benefits of a well-written LinkedIn Profile for a Business Professional

Our proven approach to LinkedIn Profile Rewrites for Business Professionals presents individuals and teams in a very positive way.

  • Directors and heads of departments will clearly represent the capability of their area, so prospects gain confidence
  • Fee earners will clearly convey their competence as domain specialists and subject matter experts
  • Delivery and support people, like account managers and project managers, will convey their ability to manage resources to achieve results for clients

When combined with well-written profiles for the Business Leader (the MD typically) and Sales Leaders (Sales Director, Business Development, New Business Sales) employed by the company, firm or organisation, this creates a really powerful message to customers and to prospects.

Next Steps:

Add an agenda item to your next Management Meeting to review the LinkedIn profiles of employees listed for your business. The likelihood is that there’s a rag-bag of profiles there that don’t show your business off to customers and prospects in a very positive light.

And if you’re a professional individual who wants to improve your own Linkedin profile and advance your career, congratulations for taking the initiative.

Email me, Mark Stonham, if you’d like to improve your profile, or those of your team or company.

The Process:

This process has been designed to deliver maximum value and optimise time on both sides:

  1. We ask you to complete a 1 page A4 background form and send us a copy of a fairly recent start the process
  2. We’ll then interview you by phone or skype for 15 minutes to understand your objectives
  3. We’ll draft the key sections of Summary and current roles and headline
  4. Then there’s a review process, conducted by email and tracked document changes
  5. We the post the changes on your behalf and update the settings etc of your LinkedIn Profile.

We know the process works when we post the changes to profiles on behalf of clients.

What’s included:

The deliverable outcome is an updated and rewritten LinkedIn Profile covering the following element:

  • Headline and Summary
  • Current Role
  • Skills section review
  • Contact Details update
  • Online support

The investment:

We aim to optimise both the financial outlay and the time you need to contribute.

  • The cost to you is (probably) less than the cost of a new business outfit (and I don’t charge VAT).
  • The time you contribute is about 2 hours.

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a Professional Linkedin Profile is actually gaining clarity about specialist skills and contribution to clients, and the way to articulate the. That’s where our skills and experience come to the fore.
We have a track record of capturing the essence of what makes professionals valuable to clients and positioning (or re-positioning) them on LinkedIn to make them and the team look more impressive.