Business Leader LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Business Leader Image Mark Stonham WurlwindWould you be impressed if you read the LinkedIn Profile of a Business Leader (Chairman, CEO, MD, Business Owner) who:

  • has a clear vision and mission and ambition for their business,
  • speaks to multiple audiences: prospects and customers, staff and recruits, suppliers and sales channel partners, investors and the press etc.
  • supports the efforts of the sales and marketing team, customer services, production and development and more
  • highlights growth and partnering opportunities
  • inspires confidence in the likelihood that it would deliver, based on a track record of success.

If the journey that the business is on was clear, and aligned with your aspirations, wouldn’t you want to know more?

The challenge of writing a LinkedIn Profile for a Business Leader

Having reviewed thousands of profiles and rewritten well over 300 LinkedIn Profiles I’ve identified some common traits of LinkedIn Profiles of Business Leaders:

  • Some have a minimal profile on Linkedin – name, job title, a list of previous roles and companies.
  • Others have copied and pasted content from the “About us” page on the company website.
  • And some have a CV style profile, perhaps listing a portfolio of roles and directorships.

Fair to say, it’s not easy to craft a brief message that conveys the essence of the person, the company, the vision and much more. It takes clarity, time and brevity. And busy business leaders rarely have all three.

The benefits of a well written Business Leader LinkedIn Profile

A well written LinkedIn Profile will help you and your business and colleagues in many ways.

  • Customers – and not just the main contact, but others in the organisation checking out their suppliers,
  • Prospects – people researching potential suppliers, short-listing or conducting due diligence,
  • Staff – people in the sales team looking for insight to help them sell, and many others for different reasons
  • Potential employees – skills and talent can be difficult to attract and a good profile could make the difference
  • Suppliers – of course people will try to approach you via LinkedIn, but maybe you can make it clear what you’re looking for
  • Distributors – you never know what you have that might be valuable to others, and this might start with a referral
  • Investors – not applicable to all, but they could be checking out your profile
  • Other people, maybe journalists and regulators for example.

LinkedIn is where Business Leaders can represent their business in a powerful way, for a minimal cost.

The Wurlwind Approach developed by Mark Stonham

At the core of my approach to writing LinkedIn profiles for Business Leaders are three perspectives and three time-frames:

  • Three perspectives:
    • Business – summarising key aspects of the organisation
    • Role – summarising what you’re responsible for as the leader
    • Personal – adding emotional aspects
  • Three Time-frames:
    • Future – as a leader a big aspect is looking forward, and sharing that with others
    • Present – outlining the priorities today, that will lead to the future
    • Past – including evidence of success to give confidence in the plan

This approach has proven very successful, and is a very powerful alternative to the minimal profile, the ‘About Us’ page of the company website or the CV approach.

Central to this is to identify the vision, the mission, the ‘why’, the noble cause, that has value and inspires all the audiences. This has been inspired by the management ideas put forward by Simon Sinek, whose videos on YouTube are well worth watching.

The Profile Rewrite Process for Business Leaders:

This process has been designed to deliver maximum value and optimise time on both sides.

  1. Add notes to a 1 page A4 background form (that I’ll send you) to start the process
  2. An interview, usually by phone or skype for 45-90 minutes
  3. I’ll draft the key profile sections – Headline, Summary, Current Role, and often the previous roles and more
  4. Then there’s a review process, which may involve an additional conversation
  5. When you’re happy I’ll post the changes on your behalf and update the settings etc of your LinkedIn Profile.

What’s included:

The deliverable outcome is an updated and rewritten LinkedIn Profile covering the following elements:

  • Headline and Summary
  • Current role and previous roles
  • Contact details and How to contact
  • Other sections that build credibility, potentially including: memberships and associations, voluntary work, education and qualifications
  • From experience the process works best when I post the changes to profiles on behalf of clients
  • Online support and a follow-up phone call is also included.

The investment:

We aim to optimise both the financial outlay and the time you need to contribute.

  • The cost to you is probably less than the monthly cost of your executive car or a new business outfit.
  • The time you contribute is about 2-3 hours.

Sometimes the hardest part of writing the Linkedin Profile is actually gaining clarity about just what the goals are, and the way to articulate the. That’s where my skills and experience come to the fore.

I have a track record of capturing the essence of what makes business leaders unique, and  positioning (or re-positioning) them on LinkedIn to make it easier to achieve their goals.

If you’d like to know more, or start with just a review of your existing profile, book yourself a Discovery call with Mark Stonham by clicking here or on the banner below.

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