LinkedIn New Features and Functions September 2012

LinkedIn training and consultancy from WurlwindDuring September 2012 there has been a flurry of useful LinkedIn new features announced.

Having evaluated and used them they are making LinkedIn an even more powerful online network for sales people and business owners.

Here’s a quick summary of the main ones, in case you missed them:

1. There are now 10 million LinkedIn members in the UK, or 4 out of 5 professionals. UK is the third largest LN population, behind USA and India. This creates a huge networking opportunity.

2. Endorse specific skills of individuals with one click. Give endorsements to your key contacts to strengthen relationships and hope they reciprocate. It’s a useful reminder to review your listed skills too.

3. Notifications launched to make it quicker and easier to develop conversations with people and through groups. Check the envelope and flag icons on top bar of LinkedIn.

4. Company page layout updated. A fresher design has been introduced where the company profile words have moved to the bottom and a banner image area added at the top. As an example, Visit the Wurlwind Page here (and please Follow for more tips πŸ™‚ ) Company profile pages are searchable through LinkedIn and pages for your company, products and services re indexed by Google, so make sure you include keywords and phrases.

5. Follow thought-leaders and get their updates in your stream. And you can apply to become a thought leader yourself. It’s yet another way to select your information sources, and if you blog regularly on a specific topic you might be selected as one of the panel.

6. Mobile phone access updated to give a better user experience of LinkedIn while you Roam.

The new designs and features, together with the core capabilities, and the quality of content and members within the community all add up to re-inforce the position of LinkedIn as the number one online business network.

It’s also worth highlighting that, unlike most of the social media networks, people are part of the LinkedIn community because it’s about business. People are looking for skills, products, services, solutions, they’re checking reputations, they’re looking to buy or to hire, or to sell or to find projects and companies to work won, with or for.

People say that Business is Social, but with LinkedIn it is the most business oriented of all the social media networks. Being active, and pro-active, in LinkedIn will result in increased benefits, more leads, and more customers.

Take a look around the Wurlwind website for more hints, tips and strategies to help you get the most from LinkedIn.

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