LinkedIn Mastery – for Teams

Are you finding that selling is getting even more competitive? Since you’re reading this I guess you’re looking for ways to improve your results.

  • Buyers have been able to research solutions and potential suppliers via the Internet for a while now. So, being found is pretty important.
  • Vendors are expected to have researched their potential clients. So, knowing where to look, and what is available, is part of the sales process.

But there are TWO other important factors in my experience.

  • The first is to avoid being eliminated by the buyer. Making it to the ‘long-list’ is the first stage. Staying on the list, and reaching the short-list is the second.
  • The second is to avoid being Me-Too. The buyer may perceive all vendors as similar – and the purchase as a commodity.

Finding a way to STAND-OUT is an ESSENTIAL ingredient in effective B2B selling these days, in my book.

And that is essentially what I help B2B companies, sales teams and sales professionals to do – with LinkedIn as the central domain for this.

The approach I have developed goes under the pneumonic of GRIN.

After all, a Broad Smile goes a long way, in face to face meetings.

So why not do the same on Social Media?

And GRIN is part of the LinkedWIN approach to LinkedIn Optimisation.

It’s a blueprint I’ve developed to help management and sales teams to develop a solid platform for ongoing business development and success.

Hello – I’m Mark Stonham

Before sharing the four elements of the GRIN strategy I’d like to quickly introduce myself (in case we’ve not met in person or online).

I’ve been a LinkedIn specialist since 2011, and self-employed since 2009.

I have a Business Development background going back 35 years, initially with IBM, then Orange, then selling strategic, operational and tactical business solutions into Top Tier Financial Services companies.

And now my purpose is to help people in Trusted Advisor roles (which is most people in B2B sales and consultancy) to be more successful in the LinkedIn, Social Selling and Business Development area.

NB. There’s more about me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The GRIN strategy to help you #LinkedWIN


This strategy has evolved over 10 years and is based on 30+ years’ sales experience. Many clients have already found this approach to be very helpful, easy to understand and apply. I hope you find it useful too.

As you read this, it may be helpful to visualise a 3-legged stool.

Goals are the platform of the stool.

The 3 legs are Relationships, Identity and Network.

and the other 3 elements are the legs.

The value of a stool is that we can stand on it, to STAND OUT, in order to BE SEEN, to SEE FURTHER and to REACH HIGHER. 

Here are the 4 steps:

1. Goals

You’ll know lots about the importance of goals. And that without Goals it’s really hard (impossible) to make effective resource allocation (time and money), or to evaluate progress.

My approach is to look at Goals at 5 levels, which are:

  1. Purpose
  2. Positioning
  3. Sales related goals
  4. Assets
  5. Learning

Depending on the client and the team I’ll clarify these at Management / Company level, sales team and individual levels. This will provide firm grounding for LinkedIn focus, activities, evaluation etc.

2. Relationships

Business and Sales is about relationships. You know that. And LinkedIn is a tool that can be used as part of a Relationship Development Strategy.

The benefit of relationships include:

  • Repeat business
  • Introductions
  • Referrals

Yet it’s surprising how many senior people are not yet using LinkedIn as part of a structured relationship development strategy, (or if they have a strategy).

So, let me show you how to unlock the value in existing LinkedIn connections; people who already Know, Like and Trust you, your colleagues and/or your company.

3. Identity

At a basic level our Digital Identity starts with our LinkedIn profile. But that’s just the first level as LinkedIn provides far more potential to establish a powerful identity as an expert, specialist, and go-to person, team or company.

I’ll take you (and your colleagues) through a technique to shift from a skeleton or CV style profile to develop a forward looking, client value oriented sales positioning profile.

And then cover strategies and techniques to curate and create content that builds and re-inforces that stronger positioning, builds trust, is more shareable, and contributes to inbound lead generation.

4. Network

As a Sales or Business Development Professional we should be building our network, primarily connecting with people who we may be able to do business with or help or learn from.

I expect you already know how important this is. Maybe you haven’t had time, incentive, or training in how to do this effectively.

For those in New Business Sales, or in a Lead Generation role in a B2B market, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool, to identify and connect.

And when this is done systematically by the management team, and by sales professionals, the power of LinkedIn increases incredibly.

How to Teams and Companies can Master LinkedIn and LinkedWIN

Do you see how the GRIN approach will help individuals (especially Salespeople and Consultants on your payroll) to Master LinkedIn, to build relationships for referrals, to strengthen their position to attract enquiries, and enable effective outreach to potential clients?

Can you see how it will help a Sales and Business Development Team to Master LinkedIn, especially when backed by great marketing support.

And to really boost performance the active involvement of management, (from the Business Leader/MD/CEO, through the Directors and Heads of Department), will provide multiple benefits, not just in terms of sales but potentially in retention and recruitment of staff, and in other areas.

Let’s talk…

If you like the approach outlined here, (or have any questions) I invite you to book a call with me on the link below:

I’d like to understand and identify how I can best help you, and your sales team or your company, to improve your sales results through LinkedIn, Social Selling and Business Development.


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About Mark Stonham

My purpose or mission is to help experts and specialists (including senior sales people and consultants) to be more successful, by helping people in trusted advisor roles to deliver more value to more clients.

I do this primarily by helping experts and specialists to improve their approach to LinkedIn through effective Social Selling and Business Development strategies, techniques and tactics.