LinkedWin Logo for LinkedIn Leader TipsIf you were seen by others as a LinkedIn Leader how much would that help your sales and your business?

Preparing and delivering the LinkedIn Masterclass for Sales People and Business Owners workshop has been fascinating.

I’ve been reviewing all that LinkedIn has to offer, and developing strategies to use those features to improve the sales process and the results that sales focused people can achieve.

The core objective is to find ways to work SMARTER, not just HARDER.

And one fundamental way is to position yourself as a LinkedIn Leader – someone who takes a leading role in your market or sector.

The importance of being seen as a LinkedIn Leader

If you can inspire others and help them to help themselves there’s a good chance they’ll follow you.

As you gain followers so you gain influence, and you can encourage people to take action.

And then, when they need help who do they turn to? Someone they know, like and trust. You of course.

It got me thinking about how to put that across in our LinkedIn profiles.

10 ways to build yourself up to be a LinkedIn Leader

Here’s a list of suggestions to help you improve your LinkedIn profile and add leadership attributes.

  1. What you know – start from your skills and the depth of your knowledge
  2. What you’ve done – what results you’ve delivered through projects and activities
  3. How you’ve helped – how you’ve applied those skills to solve problems
  4. What impact that’s had – what was the magnitude of the benefit
  5. Who you know – your network of connections on LinkedIn
  6. What they say about you – the visible endorsements and testimonials
  7. Where you go – which previous employers, which groups and associations you ‘belong’ to
  8. What you do when you’re there – beyond belonging, how you participate and contribute
  9. What your goals are – what is your vision, for yourself and for others around you
  10. How will you get there – having a clear plan including benefits for those who follow you

My vision is to help sales people and business owners to improve their sales results through LinkedIn. This is about working smarter and not just harder.

  • It’s about Working On the Sales Process, not just In the Process, and incorporating LinkedIn into the process.
  • It’s about joined up marketing and sales, which is becoming known as Social Selling.
  • And supporting this is choosing and using the right tools for the job, including LinkedIn and a Social CRM such as Nimble.

If you would like to improve your sales processes or lead generation just drop me an email or book a call.


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