LinkedIn Lead Generation Foundations

If you don’t want to build on sand it’s essential to put the right LinkedIn Lead Generation Foundations in place.

The reasons for this are many, including:

  • avoid being qualified out by potential customers – if your profile and page are weak
  • engage with potential customers who have a look at your profile – whatever the route they found your profile
  • be easy to refer on, by customers, peers, network colleagues and more
  • invest in your profile, market position and network for the long term – you never know when you might need it!

Your daily routine already includes answering the phone, checking email and opening the post. As more buyers use Social Media to find suppliers, and your activities online and offline create interest, many people, including potential clients, will have a look at your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s a quick guide to the LinkedIn Lead Generation foundations that will underpin many if not all of your lead generation, business development and sales activities.

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index

There are mixed views about the SSI, but I’m a strong advocate of its merits at the foundation level.

If you’ve not come across the SSI before, it’s a quick, easy and free online calculation that LinkedIn provides.

Get your SSI Score for Free here

A high score in itself does not guarantee lead generation success, but it’s a very useful progress tracker.

If your #SSI is below 60 read on below to discover how to put your LinkedIn Foundations in place


4 Steps to dramatically improve your LinkedIn Foundations

In particular the FOUR areas that make up the Index are of good value, to identify where time and attention should be allocated.

1. Establish your professional brand

Complete your profile with the customer in mind.

For lead generation, be clear who your ideal customer or client is, and especially what their questions, issues and aspirations are.

It can be a time saving and a way to achieve a better result if you work with a specialist to develop your profile.

Ten steps to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

2. Find the right people

Identify better prospects in less time using efficient search and research tools.

With 500m+ user profiles and 12m+ company pages it’s relatively easy to identify people and companies using Search.

There are ways to accelerate the process, by building a larger network of 1st Connections and using LinkedIn Premium Services for example.

FIVE types of people you have to have in your LinkedIn Network

3. Engage with insights

Discover and share conversation-worthy updates to create and grow relationships.

This is an ideal way to raise your profile as a specialist, having first decided what your specialist topic is going to be.

By sharing on-topic content from quality sources that others will Like, Comment on and Share you will stay visible to existing contacts and attract new contacts.

SIX types of content to share on LinkedIn

4. Start Sales Conversations

Strengthen your network by connecting and establishing trust with decision makers.

Relationships with decision-makers don’t reliably start and develop by chance, although there are always exceptions.

Having a contact plan for decision-makers and other influential people is the way forward to make LinkedIn a reliable source of quality leads and referrals.

TEN opportunities to open a conversation through LinkedIn

The Fortune is in the Follow-up

Maybe your value proposition and message is so compelling that people beat a path to your door, desperate to pay you lots of money for what you do.

More likely they may look at your profile, comment on your articles and updates, or just lurk in the shadows.

Developing a routine to follow-up is the way to avoid missing opportunities that come by.

Consider these to be LEAD CAPTURE ACTIVITIES – the payback and reward for your other Lead Generation activities on LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

This means spending 10-20 minutes a day to run through activities that will convert activity into opportunity.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Foundations short-cuts

If only there was a silver bullet that would magically increase results, increase lead quality and save time.

In truth the best short-cut is in the preparation, specifically in 3 areas:

1. Identify your Identity

Be clear about your value to prospects, your track record and evidence of delivery

And consider this in 3 parts -Your Personal Brand, Your Products and Services and your Company – even if you’re not responsible for all 3.

2. Master your Market

Clarity about who your ideal client really is, what they are looking for, when and why.

Who they associate with, look up to, are influenced by, and where they congregate

3. Be Systematic about Lead Generation

The foundation level is an ongoing activity to regularly use LinkedIn – 3-5 times a week if not daily


This is where the LinkedIn SSI tool really pays off. It encourages the right activity. It identifies areas where more attention is needed.

It’s like the Dashboard of your car. The temperature gauge, speedometer, rev Counter, and fuel indicator.


Find out more about the LinkedIn SSI Here


LinkedIn Lead Generation Foundations Review

Many people find it helpful to talk through LinkedIn and lead Generation with a specialist.

This increases clarity, confidence and results.

And it saves time in the learning process and in the trial-and-error of doing the wrong things or even doing the right things badly.

Additional LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies from Wurlwind

This is one of 7 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies we’ve designed and developed to progressively help people get more benefit from LinkedIn.

Have a look at other strategies via these links, or download our Pocket Guide below for a handy guide.

And if you’d like an exploratory chat please book a call and add a topic via the following online diary.

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