LinkedIn Company Page and Advertising – how to boost your business online

LinkedIn Lead Generation LinkedIn Company Page Image Mark Stonham WurlwindBusinesses of all sizes can benefit from having a LinkedIn Company Page.

As a minimum it’s having an entry or listing in the LinkedIn Company Directory.

And it doesn’t cost money, just a little time to set it up.

However, with a bit more time it can become another lead generation vehicle.

Do you have a LinkedIn Company Page at the moment? Do your Competitors? Do your Clients?

Read on to find out the benefits of stepping up your presence on LinkedIn.

Who would benefit from a LinkedIn Company Page?

Here are some examples of the types of businesses  we’ve worked with for whom a Linkedin Company Page strategy is beneficial:

  • Independent consultants – even as a sole trader you can add credibility and be more findable by having a LinkedIn Company Page
  • Consultancy firms – as a team you can present the collective strength by having all consultants associated with the Company Page
  • Technology companies – you probably have a page already, but read on to find out how to gain more benefit
  • Marketing agencies   you probably have a page already, but read on to find out how to gain more benefit
  • Business Owners – as a sole trader or leader of a small team, if your market is Business, or you want partners, then a Company Page helps.

The focus below is on Marketing, Sales and Business Development, but other areas that could benefit are recruitment and investment.

What does a LinkedIn Company Page look like in practice?

There are many levels that a LinkedIn Company Page can be developed to, depending on resources and objective, such as:

  • a passive directory entry in the LinkedIn Database, describing what your business does, together with contact details
  • a fully optimised page (especially for keywords, sector and location), a compelling header graphic, a clear and customer oriented value proposition, credentials building evidence, a Call to Action, sign-posting to other contact points eg website, phone, email, twitter etc.
  • status updates highlighting news and resources that are valuable to customers and prospects, and linking off to your website and other locations
  • advertising to boost the reach of your status updates
  • advertising to generate leads using the LinkedIn Forms facility

Engaging your staff/colleagues, advocates, clients/customers and others with the content will increase the benefits, as they comment and share your message.

How a LinkedIn Company Page can be used as part of a lead generation strategy?

There are many techniques and tactics for how the LinkedIn Company Page can be used to generate leads, such as:

  • as a static, optimized page with a Call to Action it can generate enquiries
  • regular educational content makes it more worthwhile for people to follow the Page and get in touch
  • you can support colleagues, clients and advocates by sharing content that they are happy to Like, comment on and share.
  • You can invite/direct visitors to your website and content pages, as one of many sources of visitors to your website
  • you can invite visitors to your landing pages to access an offer of some sort – typically a digital product such as an eBook or eGuide

Tip: By sharing content that helps customers and clients to do their jobs better (rather than promotional or third party content) you help clients gain value from their purchase and relationship with you. This also helps prospects to see and imagine what you are like as a supplier beyond the initial sale.

What results can be achieved through a LinkedIn Company Page?

With a well designed and executed strategy there are many potential outcomes and benefits, for example in the following areas:

  • Increased conversion rates at various stages throughout the buyers’ journey, for you and/or your marketing and sales team
  • Enquiries and approaches for partnership, co-ventures and other commercial alliances
  • Referrals to people who would benefit from your company capability
  • Enquiries and leads for sales opportunities for you, or that can be passed to your sales team
  • Increased visitor/traffic to your Linkedin profile(s), website and other digital and online properties, where you can build your following, your email list etc.

Having various lead capture, qualification, response processes and lead nurture are beneficial to effectively and efficiently handle what will hopefully be a rapid increase in the number of inbound contacts received.

Additional LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies from Wurlwind

This is one of 7 LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies we’ve designed and developed to progressively help people get more benefit from LinkedIn.

Have a look at other strategies via the links below, or download our Pocket Guide below for a handy reference.

And if you’d like an exploratory chat please book a call with me, Mark Stonham, via my online diary.

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