Advanced Personal Branding – how to be seen as a leader in your field

LinkedIn Lead Generation Advanced Personal Branding Mark Stonham WurlwindWe all develop a reputation or personal brand, but people like business leaders and independent consultants can go much further and become the go-to people and influencers in their market, through advanced personal branding activities.

Think of a few people in your field, or other fields, who you recognise as leaders? Think of 3 specific people.

Would you like to be viewed by others in the same way? How would that feel?

And how would it change the lead generation, revenue and profit of your business?

Who would benefit from Advanced Personal Branding?

Here are some examples of the types of people we’ve worked with for whom this strategy is applicable:

  • Business Leaders – people such as the CEO or Managing Director who are the public face of the business and who have a team of people who they support and who support them.
  • Independent Consultants – especially those who have a productized offering such as books, training courses, group programs and other revenue systems.
  • Sales Leaders – people in a senior business development role who are leading growth in existing or new markets for the business.
  • Subject Matter Experts – for example in technology companies this could be the CTO, or in a marketing agency the Creative Director.

What does Advanced Personal Branding look like in practice?

There are many activities that can be part of the mix to develop and build visibility through advanced personal branding such as:

  • write a book
  • speak at conferences
  • be active in the professional association for your sector
  • run a masterclass group
  • lead a discussion group or forum online

And alongside this LinkedIn is a powerful network to support, re-inforce and leverage that activity.

How can LinkedIn be used as part of a strategy to develop Advanced Personal Branding?

There are many techniques and tactics for how LinkedIn can be used to support an advanced personal branding strategy such as:

  • write the LinkedIn Personal Profile in such a way to convey value and authority to position the person as a leader in their field, and be found for this
  • create content, especially articles and status updates to lead the thinking in the specific specialisation and educate and inform followers
  • curate content from other reputable sources to help followers to develop their knowledge, their sources, as well as to build credibility

And as part of that strategy, LinkedIn can be part of the Customer Journey to lead people to other resources, such as newsletters and downloadable information via landing pages on the website.

What results can be achieved through Advanced Personal Branding?

With a well designed and executed strategy there are many potential outcomes and benefits, for example in the following areas:

  • Increased conversion rates at various stages throughout the buyers’ journey, for you and/or your marketing and sales team
  • Enquiries and approaches for partnership, co-ventures and other commercial alliances
  • Approaches with speaking opportunities to further raise your personal and business profile
  • Referrals to people who would benefit from your specialist knowledge
  • Enquiries and leads for sales opportunities for you, or that can be passed to your sales team
  • Increased visitor/traffic to your Linkedin profile, website and other digital and online properties, where you can build your following, your email list etc.

Having various lead capture, qualification, response processes and lead nurture are beneficial to effectively and efficiently handle what will hopefully be a rapid increase in the number of inbound contacts received.

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