LinkedIn Lead Generation – develop the ‘Y’ and find new customers

LinkedWin - LinkedIn Lead generationLinkedIn lead generation is a way to use LinkedIn for far more than a professional directory and somewhere to put a brief profile or your CV.

If you’re responsible for sales and personal lead generation, then LinkedIn has so much more potential for you.

If your role or job title resembles these then read on to find out how to make much more of LinkedIn.

  • sales person
  • account manager
  • business development manager
  • business owner
  • entrepreneur
  • sales manager
  • sales director
  • VP sales


LinkedIn Lead Generation – develop the ‘Y’

Our experience with hundreds of people in training sessions, consultancy assignments and more have been distilled into a pragmatic approach to developing Lead Generation within LinkedIn.

Some would call it a LinkedIn Lead Generation Framework, a LinkedIn Blueprint or LinkedIn Sales Playbook.

Our name for the framework is LinkedWin

We’ve designed LinkedWin to help busy sales focused people progressively develop their skill and results from LinkedIn.

Graphically, the approach looks like this:


Linkedin Lead Generation - 5 Areas for Success

LinkedIn lead generation key areas

The 5 areas of the Wurlwind LinkedWin approach – and links to more information- are:

Find contacts and opportunities in LinkedIn

There are several techniques where you can search for and find opportunities. Think of it as seeing someone across the room, and making a b-line for them. For example you can search for companies or people or find opportunities to reach out to people. Ad-hoc inquiries is one way, and saving advanced searches is another.  View the ‘Find’ section for more ideas and tips.

Get Found within LinkedIn for your expertise

There are  several ways to pro-actively put yourself in the right places to get found by people who are looking for what you offer. This is rather like having your 60 seconds to introduce yourself to the room, or taking an exhibition booth and getting into the program. Take a look at the ‘Get Found’ section for more techniques and strategies.

Engage and make a connection with people

A bland and unemotional connection will achieve very little. Making a positive impression, and engaging with head and heart are part of being memorable and making a strong first impression. Discover techniques to raise your game, and really engage in a memorable way with people you Find and people who Find you, as well as in other areas. Discover ways to be pro-active when you ‘Engage’, here.

Categorise your contacts and new connections

Qualification is such an important part of effective selling, so decide up-front which categorise you want to put people into. You’ll have a way to categorise leads as A, B or C, Hot, Warm or Cold, and put similar contacts together so you can treat them as a group or cluste. TAG groups are the way to do this withing LinkedIn, you just need to decide what the groups are. Learn ways to organise your contacts, and techniques to review them, in the ‘Categorise’ section here.

Nurture relationships with Customers and New Contacts

LinkedIn provides various means to pro-actively build relationships, and also to be triggered or to find opportunities to reach out on an ah-hoc basis. Follow-up is what generates returns from networking events, trade-shows and inquiries, and it’s no different in LinkedIn. Get some ideas in our ‘Nurture’ section so you stay top-of mind.

Five sources of leads from LinkedIn.

Of course, not all leads will stay within LinkedIn. Some people may find you in LinkedIn and then phone you up. You may decide to call someone having sees a tasty tip in their social profile that you’d like to explore in a phone call. In some ways it would be simpler if there was just one path to success for LinkedIn Lead Generation. In reality LinkedIn is a powerful tool, but it does need to be understood, and used in ways that help you achieve your goals, and stay close to your customers and prospects and how they buy now.

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