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Seven LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

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The Guide is designed with business owners, independent consultants and others working on their own or in small businesses. It takes into account that lead generation is just one of many activities you undertake.

Therefore these strategies have been designed to take between 15 minutes and a few hours to complete, and then be repeated as and when the need for more leads arises.

The strategies are applicable for basic, intermediate and advanced LinkedIn lead generation, and build progressively through the sequence.

Find out how to really leverage your knowledge and your network.

Get the foundations right:

  • your profile,
  • network,
  • content and
  • conversations

Then add campaign activity as appropriate:

  • for social prospecting using Search,
  • key accounts for multiple decision-makers,
  • referrals for more introductions,
  • articles to generate action,
  • advanced personal branding and/or
  • company page and advertising

The LinkedIn Lead Generation Pocket Guide pedigree

This guide was originally designed in 2012 – and it’s been updated many times since, as LinkedIn evolves.

It’s been used as part of the LinkedIn training I’ve delivered to hundreds of business owners and salespeople.

Many who have been on my LinkedIn Masterclass course have been generous with their praise.

You may have seen some of the many testimonials elsewhere on this website.

And this guide is a very successful lead generator for our business.



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