LinkedIn for Personal and Company Lead Generation – tips + techniques

LinkedIn is a great social network for professional and business people and also for companies and organisations.

LinkedIn can be used indirectly and directly to promote yourself and your business, to gain introductions and make contact with people and keep in touch.

There are also lead generation strategies and techniques that can be used in the LinkedIn Professional Network to find and to create sales opportunities.

Making the most of LinkedIn as part of your Sales Toolkit

Here are links to several resources I’ve created that I hope will help you get more from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Personal Lead Generation

  • Setting up your Personal Profile on LinkedIn
  • A ~10 minute walk-through video (slidescast)

LinkedIn for Business Lead Generation

  • Setting up and using your Company Profile on LinkedIn
  • A ~12 minute walk-through video (slidecast)

Five steps to use LinkedIn Company Page Status Updates for Lead Generation

  • Part of the Funnel Friday series, highlighting ways to use new LinkedIn functions
  • Publish Company Page Updates for staff, partners, customers to read and to like, comment and share

Ten ways to use LinkedIn to feed your lead generation process

  • A Funnel Friday article highlighting a progression of lead generation tips thru LinkedIn
  • Also covering use of Information Offers and leading people to landing pages for lead capture

And do search the Wurlwind website for other and more recent articles.

How Wurlwind can help you make the most of LinkedIn and Social Media

If you would like to know more about how you can use LinkedIn or other Social Media to help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives, take a look at the Wurlwind ‘Social Media Review and Action Plan Service, or contact Mark via email or phone  07980 929896

Published by Mark Stonham

I help Business Owners and Sales Leaders to improve lead generation and create new sales opportunities through effective use of LinkedIn for themselves and their business. Techniques include Targeting, Trigger Events and Re-Framing the proposition to start sales conversations. In particular I work with technology businesses, professional services firms and knowledge sector organisations.