What does your LinkedIn daily checklist include?

Visibility, relationships, business development, sales, productivity, all benefit from a regular and routine process.

My underlying Goal is to create opportunities to PHONE 5 PEOPLE a day!

An important goal is to turn online activity into phone calls – with prospect, with customers, with partners.

It’s too easy to become computer focused, so an achievable activity goal keeps the sales pipeline moving forward, in between fee-earning activities.

My TEN-a-Day LinkedIn Checklist

Here’s the list of 10 things I (aim to) do on/via LinkedIn every day.

  1. Post Something – I source articles from my Inbox, Refind (a chrome extension), from Google Alerts, from Youtube etc. Doing this first means I’ve shared value with my network, and raised my visibility.
  2. Invites received – I review them and the accept or reject depending on various factors. For those I accept I add them to my Nimble CRM – a simple process highlighting the name and the Nimble Widget does the rest. I’ll then send a welcome message to some.
  3. Profile views – checking Who viewed my profile I will then message 1st connections and invite some of the 2nd connections to connect, with a personalised message.
  4. Notifications – I’ll check and respond to new jobs alerts, birthdays, people who’ve replied to my comments, or name-checked me etc. This is a really valuable part of LinkedIn, for building relationships.
  5. Invites accepted – I receive email notifications when people accept my invite, and they also appear at the top of my Network list. So it’s fairly straight-forward to message them to engage and start a conversation.
  6. Invite People to Connect – from my daily activity, network meetings, etc. and also in the news feed.
  7. News Feed and Hashtag communities – I’ll have a look for things that are topical, and see what catches my eye. I have to be self-disciplined here as it’s all too easy to get into lengthy reading and following interesting-looking threads.
  8. Go through my Nimble CRM Stay-in-Touch list. One of the powerful features of Nimble CRM is the ability to schedule a Stay-in-Touch cycle for people. This can be Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. It’s like the old-school sales cards, if you remember that far back. Anyway, I have 500 people in this cycle, so about 10 people a day to stay in touch with.
  9. View 20-100 profiles – manual or automated based on Saved Searches. My aim is to invite 5-10 people a day to connect. It also generates some look-backs. It takes more time to do it thoroughly so it’s a balance.
  10. PHONE 5 PEOPLE – Dial 5 numbers! To re-iterate, for me, and for many clients, the objective of LinkedIn is to create opportunities to talk to people. But not any random people. The key is to
    • talk to the right people
    • at the right time.

Reality Check!

As you might have realised – this isn’t a “LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day” approach! Done thoroughly this is a couple of hours work.

In reality, not everything gets done every day. But at least the top 5, which are time-critical – do get my attention daily – along with the phone calls. The other tasks I can catch-up on every 2-3 days.

What does your LinkedIn Daily routine include?

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To greater success in 2019!