LinkedIn Daily Checklist

What does your LinkedIn daily checklist include?

Visibility, relationships, business development, sales, productivity, all benefit from a regular and routine process.

My underlying Goal is to create opportunities to PHONE 5 PEOPLE a day! –

It’s too easy to become computer focused, so an important goal is to turn online activity into phone calls.

My TEN-a-Day LinkedIn Checklist

Here’s the list of 10 things I (aim to) do on/via LinkedIn every day.

  • A. Post Something – I source articles from my Inbox, Refind (a chrome extension), from Google Alerts, from Youtube etc. Doing this first means I’ve shared value with my network, and raised my visibility.
  • B. Invites received – I review them and the accept or reject depending on various factors. For those I accept I add them to my Nimble CRM – a simple process highlighting the name and the Nimble Widget does the rest. I’ll then send a welcome message to some.
  • C. Profile views – checking Who viewed my profile I will then message 1st connections and invite some of the 2nd connections to connect, with a personalised message.
  • D. Notifications – I’ll check and respond to new jobs alerts, birthdays, people who’ve replied to my comments, or name-checked me etc. This is a really valuable part of LinkedIn, for building relationships.
  • E. Invites accepted – I receive email notifications when people accept my invite, and they also appear at the top of my Network list. So it’s fairly straight-forward to message them to engage and start a conversation.
  • F. Invite People to Connect – from my daily activity, network meeting, etc. and also in the news feed.
  • G. News Feed and Hashtag communities – I’ll have a look for things that are topical, and see what catches my eye. I have to be self-disciplined here as it’s all too easy to get into lengthy reading and following interesting-looking threads.
  • H. Go through my Nimble CRM Stay-in-Touch list. One of the powerful features of Nimble CRM is the ability to schedule a Stay-in-Touch cycle for people. This can be Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. It’s like the old-school sales cards, if you remember that far back. Anyway, I have 500 people in this cycle, so about 10 people a day to stay in touch with.
  • I. View 20-100 profiles – manual or automated based on Saved Searches. My aim is to invite 5-10 people a day to connect. It also generates some look-backs. It takes more time to do it thoroughly so it’s a balance.
  • J. PHONE 5 PEOPLE – Dial 5 numbers! To re-iterate, for me, and for many clients, the objective of LinkedIn is to create opportunities to talk to people. But not any random people. The key is to
    • talk to the right people
    • at the right time.

Reality Check!

As you might have realised – this isn’t a “LinkedIn in 15 minutes a day” approach! Done thoroughly this is a couple of hours work.

It’s also a checklist – which means that not everything gets done every day. But at least the top 5, which are time-critical – do get my attention daily. The others I can catch-up on every 2-3 days.

What does your LinkedIn Daily routine include?

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To greater success in 2019!

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