LinkedIn Company Page for Lead GenerationAs vendors and buyers do more research online so the relative importance of the LinkedIn Company Page rises.

Business Owners and Sales Leaders can take advantage of this opportunity for outbound prospecting and inbound lead generation to get ahead of competitors.

  • Outbound lead generation and prospecting techniques – the first strategy below highlights how you can identify likely companies and people through their LinkedIn Company Page
  • Inbound lead generation techniques – the second strategy below outlines how to turn your LinkedIn Company Page into a ‘honey-pot’ for leads.

By seeing these two strategies side by side I hope to help you to make the connection between the two sides of the coin.

When you see how your prospects may be using LinkedIn to find potential suppliers you’ll be in a stronger position to optimise LinkedIn for your business.

My goal is to help you boost your outbound prospecting and inbound lead generation and be in a much better position to plan your LinkedIn Strategy and Social Selling Strategy.

LinkedIn Company Page – finding prospects

These steps outline one way to find new sales opportunities through Linkedin.

  1. Search – use the key attributes for the sectors, location size etc. of your target companies.
    • Refine your search terms by adding or removing criteria – see screenshots below.
    • NOTE: This is a process your prospects may well go through also!
  2. Follow those Companies that meet your criteria
    • You can then review the Status Updates of those companies you are following periodically.
    • Again, your prospects may well do this also.
  3. Identify key people within those companies, and add then to your LinkedIn Contacts
    • You don’t need to be connected to Save them as a Contact to return to later.
    • It’s helpful to add them to a TAG group so you keep similar contacts together
    • The personal profiles of you and your team may be viewed by prospects doing this.
  4. Reach out to them with some relevant message to gain their attention
    • There are many options here, from requesting to connect to making contact outside of LinkedIn.
  5. Monitor the Status Updates of the Companies you follow periodically for contact opportunities.
    • This may alert you to trigger events, or at least give you an opportunity to Like or Comment on something relevant that they post, to get their attention.

LinkedIn Search 1 – entering keywords and location in the search bar

LinkedIn Company Page Search by Keywords


LinkedIn Search 2 – selecting criteria using the left margin options

LinkedIn Company Page Search by Criteria


Inbound Lead Generation and Attraction Marketing

Having covered the prospecting side, and highlighted how potential buyers may well be going through a similar process, here is a brief summary of steps you can take to maximise your inbound lead generation.

  1. Create and/or update your LinkedIn Company Page with your value and keywords
    • There is a limit to what you can write in your Company Page Overview, so make it count, for keywords, impact and call to action.
    • A recent change by LinkedIn moved the Overview above the Status Updates, so it’s worth reviewing what you’ve written there.
    • Add product or service pages – but these are not explicitly covered here.
  2. Invite your colleagues, customers and referrers to Follow your LinkedIn Company Page
    • Gather an ‘inner circle’ who will be the core of your Company Page Community.
    • Develop a strategy with them and build in appreciation and rewards
  3. Create shareable content and post Status Updates that Link to it
    • A high proportion of links to your own content will boost your ROI
    • Hints and Tips about your area of expertise is a good topic to include
    • Include links to content from trusted third parties, especially on a reciprocal basis.
  4. Encourage your Colleagues, Customers and Referrers to Like and Comment on your content
    • When they do this they are amplifying your message to their contacts, increasing your reach. Remember to show genuine appreciation when they do this.
  5. Monitor who starts following your Company Page and reach out to them
    • When you have few followers this is relatively easy. As numbers grow you’ll need to be systematic, or monitor and respond to engagement (shares, downloads etc)
  6. Once you’ve got the ball rolling you can move Social Selling to the next level, for example:
    • You may wish to create Showcase pages if you have various audiences to reach
    • You can sponsor Status Updates to spread your message further
    • You can create different pages for different audiences
  7. And then find ways to develop your LinkedIn Page Community and Channel
    • Take your content to the next level, with more valuable items
    • Increase the frequency of updates with a mix of content types
    • Take your core community engagement to the next level and share the load.
  8. Monitor metrics and outcomes against your goals and objectives, for example:
    • Number of Followers
    • Engagement – shares, comments etc.
    • Visits to your website articles and pages
    • Sales Opportunities generated directly and indirectly through your LinkedIn Company Page
    • Close ratios, deal sizes, sales cycle times and other sales metrics

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