LinkedIn Company Page and Directory – how to make the most of them

If you needed to find skills, products or services for your business have you tried a LinkedIn Company Page search?

Google is probably the place most people head to, but the quality of the results can be very mixed to say the least.

LinkedIn has many advantages over Google. It’s not just for finding people, it’s also for finding companies, products and services. However it is not yet well known, or used. As LinkedIn is still the most powerful and comprehensive online business network it makes sense to be well represented there.

LinkedIn Company Page Listings – a window of opportunity

The low take-up of effective LinkedIn company page profiles creates a window of opportunity for pro-active businesses.

A well constructed Company Page in LinkedIn is a powerful way to start to develop a lead generation funnel in LinkedIn.

Take a look at the example below.

Wurlwind Sales Funnel LinkedIn Result

LinkedIn Company Page Search – step by step

  1. I searched within Companies for one of my keyword phrases and the location of Bristol.
    • My business is the only one that comes up against those criteria.
  2. Try it for yourself. Maybe you’ll get the same result as I did.
    • While you’re there, take a look at the Wurlwind Profile, and Follow Wurlwind for updates.
  3. Now try searching for your primary keyword and location.
    • What results do you get? Does your company show up? Or lots of your competitors?

Would you like to get a top listing for your Company in LinkedIn?

If so, here’s a quick outline of the steps to take:

  1. Set up a LinkedIn Company Page if you don’t yet have one
  2. Create a compelling company profile in 1450 characters
  3. Add specialisations in 256 characters
  4. Include keywords that you want to be found for
  5. Check to see whether your company now appears in the results

Wurlwind Social Sales Roadmap

Additional steps that you can take to develop your LinkedIn presence and marketing and sales benefits include:

  1. Adding product and service pages to your company profile
  2. Posting status updates regularly with company news and valuable information
  3. Encouraging current customers and partners to follow your company profile
  4. Enhance the LinkedIn profiles of your staff to fully represent their skills and value to clients and prospects
  5. Gain recommendations and testimonials for yourself, your staff, for your company and for your products and services
  6. Join relevant groups and contribute to discussions to build your personal profiles.
  7. Seek out individuals and companies that you want to target, and make relevant connections through LinkedIn
  8. Check who has viewed your profile and people who have started to follow your company for new dialogue.

There are many stages beyond the ones above. With so many options it can be easy to lose focus, and spend time doing things that don’t deliver results.

At Wurlwind we can help you to identify the Social Sales Roadmap for you and your business, and help you along the journey towards your destination.

If you would like to start a conversation, drop me (Mark Stonham) an email and let’s have an initial discussion about what you’d like to achieve and how we could assist your planning, to save you time and help you make rapid progress.


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