Lead Generation ideas for B2B businesses

Are you and your sales team getting the leads you need to hit your targets? Since you’re reading this I guess that there is either a lead quantity challenge, or a lead quality issue. Recognising that there is a shortfall, finding the root causes, and taking action to address them quickly, are essential steps to prevent further knock-on implications.

Lead definition

If there is a Quality issue with your leads then a starting point is to review your definition of a lead. Our article market segmentation and lead definition outlines some approaches and specifics on this topic. The second webinar in our lead generation series builds on these points.

Lead nurture

You may already have a lot of contacts and previous leads that have not yet bought anything. Reviewing and updating your lead nurture campaigns could be a very effective way to re-engage and re-activate contacts you’ve made over the last few months, or even years. Our article on lead nurture, and the accompanying webinar provide tips and strategies to help build relationships and create sales-ready leads.

Develop current customers

Creating new opportunities with current customers can be a very fruitful area for additional business, and also for referrals and testimonials. We can help you develop and execute a strategy in this area.

Find new customers

This is one of the most challenging areas of marketing and sales for many businesses. There are so many options and approaches that could be taken, and knowing which ones will be most fruitful is very hard to predict. Lead generation campaigns will involve many inter-related activities, and the overall result can be compromised by the weakest link in the sequence. Wurlwind can assist at strategic, operational and tactical levels to help you improve your lead generation and win new business.


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