What is a Lead Generation Review and why is it worthwhile?

If you’re struggling to generate leads and high quality sales opportunities you’re not alone, and a Lead Generation Review is a great first step to remedy the situation.

The lack of quality sales leads is the #1 problem in the B2B (business to business) market, according to experts like MarketingSherpa.

One response is to focus on more activity: more cold calls, more website traffic, more marketing emails, more advertising.

But there may be underlying reasons that need to be addressed, otherwise more activity is futile, costly and de-motivating.

If the process is broken or under-performing it’s very wasteful to just pour more contacts in at the top of the sales funnel or at the start of the sales pipeline.


Why is there a shortage of high quality leads?

Many reasons contribute to the shortage of quality sales leads, such as:

  • Buyer profiles and personas not clearly defined
  • Value propositions not strong enough
  • Marketing messaging unclear or confusing
  • Marketing and Sales not aligned properly
  • Content Marketing weak or inadequate

The wrong message to the wrong people at the wrong time with the wrong follow-up is disastrous.

Lead Generation Review and Audit

To start to find effective solutions can you answer the following, in words:

  • Which of these problems do you and your business have?
  • What impact is it having on you and your business?
  • Who is being impacted by the lack of quality leads?
  • Who has responsibility to fix the quality lead issue?
  • What are the benefits of having an abundance of quality leads?

And can you add a numeric score between 1 and 10, where 10 is ‘ideal/perfect’.

The value of external advice

These are tough questions, but it’s easier to find better answers by talking to a specialist.

  • If you felt really unwell you’d visit your Doctor.
  • If your car wasn’t running correctly you’d take it to the garage.
  • If your central heating was playing up you’d call in an engineer.

Your doctor, mechanic or engineer would ask the right questions, know the right checks to make and tests to run, and give you the right course of action to fix or remedy a specific problem.

By taking these preventative and remedial steps you hope to avoid being hospitalised, having a break-down by the road-side or having a cold house and no hot water.

The same applies to your lead generation. It too may be unwell, running rough or losing heat.

It’s a wise move to seek help before your business is too seriously impacted.

Lead Generation Review service

The Lead Generation Review and Action Plan from Wurlwind is designed specifically for entrepreneurs and owner managers of smaller businesses.

The Review part looks objectively to see what is working, and what is not delivering, and the underlying reasons.

There is a lot that can be learned from how new customers have been won and where they came from, and look for ways to repeat that success.

The Action Plan part will produce a list of practical steps and improvements that will enable you to focus your efforts on areas where you can achieve rapid payback.

The Wurlwind Lead Generation Review and Action Plan is typically one day for a solo business and two days for a business with a small team.

We know you are busy so we take a pragmatic approach; to identify 80% of the benefits achievable in 20% of the time.

The Review includes structured telephone interviews, online review of your Website using a market-leading diagnostic tool, we review your Social Media activity and also paid advertising ie Pay-per-Click, if you use it.  Offline lead generation is also considered, in the round, along with lead nurture and ways you move contacts and inquiries into qualified leads.

The Action Plan is a short report, primarily in bullet form, making typically 20-30 recommendations and around 10 suggestions.

Find out more by contacting Wurlwind by email to mark@wurlwind.co.uk



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