Jamie Oliver Business Success ImageI find it a real inspiration to read about people like Jamie Oliver, who have become really successful. I also like to understand the journey they’ve been along, and learn something from their example and insight.

So when I received this infographic from the Dent organisation I wanted to share it as it’s such a complete success story, and an example of the power and value of a personal brand as a business.

I hope you find this summary of Jamie Oliver’s career inspiring too.

The secret ingredients to Jamie Oliver’s business success

I’ll let the results in this infographic tell the story.

Dent | Jamie Oliver Infographic

Impressive isn’t it.

I’m sure Jamie had some lucky breaks along the way, but if it hadn’t have been these ones he would have had others I’m sure. There’s some truth in the expression “We make our own luck”, by being in the right place at the right time, and then responding in the right way.

Proven Value

His cookery skills probably developed at home and at school. So he may have been teased. He certainly would have made choices not to do other things in order to spend time practicing and perfecting his technique and knowledge.

Established Influence

What’s clear to me here is the effort and commitment Jamie Oliver has put in over the years, to the TV show and recording schedule, to writing books and articles, to promoting, to developing personally, professionally, and as a business with a team around him.


This to me is where he is campaigning and giving back in ways that are consistent with his purpose and principles. And he’s using his name and position of influence to make more of a difference that just donating money could do.

Formalised Assets

And the list of assets he’s developed is very impressive, and an example to us all of the importance of building value. Assets are not just financial, money in the bank, property, machinery and equipment, shares in other people’s businesses.

In the digital and service economy assets are things that can produce ongoing revenue if managed correctly and bought, sold, licensed or invested into if the right deals can be structured.

Jamie Oliver’s journey

The other take-away for me is the time it’s taken, in two ways

1. That it’s taken 20 years to become a success.

That’s over 7,000 days of living, breathing, working, planning, executing, and doing all the other things that someone starting, running and growing a business must do.
Along the way there must have been good days and bad days, good breaks and set-backs. But consistency, energy, professionalism etc. must run right through this period. That takes character.

2. That it’s only taken 20 years.

For an individual to rise from nothing to a £240m worth through work and activity (rather than through property and investment and borrowed money for example) is phenomenal. Compare that to traditional businesses that are worth far less even after several generations of toil.
Doing the maths the other way, £240m worth over 7,000 days means each day has added £35k value. That’s a good return for a bit of toil in my books.

Passion and Purpose

A lot is written about “Following your Passion” and “Finding your Purpose”. Here is an example of the value that flows when one person has discovered both, and has been able to turn them into a very successful business.

And as a result is in a strong position to help others, by giving back and representing those less fortunate, so they have one of the basic essentials, healthy food.

What next?

For many people our skills, passion and purpose are not as clear as it appears to have been for Jamie.

The good news is that there are tools available to help us. I’ve found the following self-assessment tests for profile and level are very useful.

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