Integrated Online Marketing and Lead Generation – Hubspot 3 preview

Marketing and lead generation has become a whole lot more complex over the last few years and the challenge is to achieve integrated online marketing rather than fragmented, disconnected, inconsistent areas.

Online marketing has been the catalyst for a new wave of innovation in apps to communicate with people ‘better’. The issue is that many of these are stand-alone applications. Many companies now have a set of applications than can feel overwhelming:

  • A website and blog that needs to be regularly updated
  • Landing pages for lead capture that support specific campaigns to specific audiences with specific offers
  • An email marketing follow-up system to people who signed up on those landing pages
  • Social media to engage your audience, share your content and value, and hopefully attract raving fans who will share your content with their followers
  • Analytics to measure, track and inform decisions about what is happening, and what to do next to make it even better in future

One company at the forefront of integrated online marketing and lead generation is Hubspot.

Hubspot 3 – for the love of integrated online marketing

Hear how Hubspot talk about their latest release, Hubspot 3, and what it means for users and their businesses.

If you would like to discuss some of the points raised by the video, and map out how to move your B2B marketing and lead generation forward, get in touch with us at Wurlwind.



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