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I’m a bit of a magpie when it comes to technology and apps for marketing and sales. Over the last couple of years I have trialed many systems for social media, email and crm.

I justify the time I invest as R&D I’m doing in order to advise clients about their option and ways to improve their lead generation, sales and productivity.

The legacy is that unfortunately I have contact, calendar and to-do information scattered across many online systems, incoming and outgoing communications coming and going through various apps, and contact history in several places. It creates a real productivity hit, and other associated issues.

I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this challenge, and several clients have similar issues.

It’s a huge relief to find solutions coming through that do the job of aggregating all the communications channels and data, and giving it structure and context. In the B2B marketing and sales area I’m particularly impressed by the new version of Nimble – due for public release this month (February 2012)

I first encountered Nimble in November 2010 and signed up for an account then. I was really impressed when I had a 1:1 demonstration by Jon Ferrara in January 2011. His vision and passion and clarity of purpose was amazing and infectious. So much so that I signed up to the partner program at that stage, even though the product was at it’s early stages. Now, 12 months on, the Nimble momentum is really building, with the sales pipeline and team functionality being released, building on the communications, contact management and calendar functions.

Nimble – designed for B2B sales

What is clear is that Nimble has been designed by someone who understand the business to business (B2B) sales process and tasks and information management needs very well. This reflects the experience Jon had, as founder of Goldmine, the very successful CRM for smaller businesses in the 1980. Creating a new CRM platform for the social media era, while also bringing forward the business knowledge of offline marketing and sales, gives Nimble a real USP and differentiation.

What does this mean in practice?

Some of the neat things the system provides are:

  • Single view of contact – see their profile, in and out comms history, recent social media updates, so you can have a really good conversation based on current information.
  • See social media and email messages all together in a unified in-box, so you are less likely to miss the opportunity to respond when someone contacts you.
  • View your tasks and meetings and quickly filter them so you deal with priority items relating to contacts, or use quiet times to complete some of your background tasks.
  • Add tasks and sales opportunities really quickly so you keep on-top of activities, all in one place, confident you can find or will be prompted about them at the right time in the future.
  • Really easy to use, intuitive interface, which means you can get started and then use more of the system really quickly, making Nimble system a joy to use.

The best way to find out about Nimble is to take a trial.

Follow the link below to the Wurlwind partner page for Nimble.

Sign up for your trial, and I’ll see you on the other side, as they say…

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