What does the Sales Funnel for a small business look like in the Sales 2.0 and Social Selling world?

Sales 2.0 and Social Selling is pioneering territory, so I’ll give you the example I’m working on at Wurlwind.

I’ll use the six step model I’ve covered in previous Funnel Friday Blog articles, and in the associated Webinars.

Six Step Sales 2.0 Lead Generation Campaign Outline

1. Goals and tracking

The goal is lead generation, new customers and extra sales to existing clients for the marketing and sales services we offer. To make it specific, let’s say 10 leads a month, leading to 4 new customers and £1000 sales. A sale will primarily be a  Review and Action Plan at an average of £250 each. Resource for the campaign initially a day a week. Google Analytics has been set-up on the website, is reviewed weekly, and there is a list of amends that need to be implemented.

2. Target Audience

Primary audience is owner managers of small technology based businesses based in and around Bristol. Their aspiration is fast growth. Their pain is too many plates to spin and burning cash and time in the early days. Their need is pragmatic marketing and sales solutions focused on quick wins and early payback, to fund the next stage of the campaign. Research including through Social Media and incoming search phrases to the website, provide input to topic priorities.

3. Customer Value Proposition

The initial proposition is the Review and Action plan, followed fairly quickly by a tactical campaign, probably based around a webinar offer, which could either be a single event initially or a short series on a weekly basis.

The advantage of this approach is time to market, of about 4-6 weeks, leveraging content that is already in the business, bringing out the personality of the business owner, creating something that people are familiar with registering for, and something that sits fairly comfortably in the Social Media environment and supports relationship building.

Creating a webinar series for our own campaign is both a showcase and a vehicle to create hands-on experience. One for-instance is identifying a suitable webinar delivery platform. Market investigation led us to choose AnyMeeting, which has proven to be a good choice.

The initial series of Webinars has generated really useful feedback, internally and externally, and the second round will take that feedback and build progressively stronger and more powerful presentations.

4. Sales Page and Thank-you Page

These have been created to support the campaign. Design and copy are under review to improve these. The Wurlwind website is run on the WordPress platform which allows copy content and functionality to be updated very quickly.

5. Lead Nurture Follow-up

Telephone follow-up has been particularly successful, with several very productive first conversations and then subsequent calls to build the relationships, in line with the weekly webinars and the topics covered. Email follow-up is in place and is being reviewed and updated. Email is being run as a combination of count-down emails through AnyMeeting and promotional and follow-up emails through intouchcrm.

6. Campaign Promotion

Promotion of the initial round of webinars has been primarily through three channels. The weekly Funnel Friday email has include trailers for the webinars. Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook), through personal and company profiles have highlighted the up coming webinars. Personal invitations have also been made to people already in the prospect pipeline, typically by phone. There is considerable scope and potential to ramp this up through the second round of the campaign, and to add additional channels into the promotion mix.

5 key lessons from the first campaign

There are many lessons that can be made, and picking just 5 is a challenge, so here are some highlights

1. Build in what’s worked before

Building on topics already covered in the Funnel Friday Blog has given the campaign proposition good structure and has provide core content. So, trialling a topic on a Blog, or sourcing ideas from other blogs and refining them and adding your own spin, provides a great starting point and first step.

2. Develop a mini-series

Creating a series on a weekly basis provides a smoother call on preparation and follow-up time, and provides multiple opportunities to invite and to contact people. The webinars enable messages that would otherwise be said multiple times to different people to be delivered on a one to many basis. Prior and follow-up contact is briefer and more focused. So, this improves your sales pipeline and provides productivity benefits.

3. Invest in Design

Considerable thought should be put into the communications structure, and messaging, as well as the delivery, in order that the campaign hangs together as an entire entity, and remains on track. This is a very real opportunity to take your prospect on a journey, through multiple steps. It is really powerful to be able to refer back and to set expectations about what is to come. So, once the webinar series has been designed and built it should have ongoing value and has the potential to become the backbone of lead generation activity.

4. Invest in the technology platform

Unfortunately there are multiple technologies involved, including Analytics, social media, website, webinar delivery and CRM. Integrating them to streamline the customer journey and the marketing operations and analysis takes some effort and technical skill. So, once the platform is created there are many productivity benefits to be gained.

5. Take a soft-sell approach in Social Media

Lead generation through social media can be a touchy topic. However the information value of webinars tends to make them a soft-sell and one that is unlikely to offend most people, if carefully presented. It is also something that lends itself to viral promotion, by people who sign-up, by customers and prospects, by your partner organisations and more. So, a webinar based value proposition is a very suitable offering in the Social Selling arena of Social Media.

Sales 2.0 Lead Generation Campaign results

Creating the webinar series has been a very interesting and enjoyable process. Personally I’m delighted that the series has already led to several opportunities for me, and some business too. My plan is to update the series and run it on a rolling weekly basis. I will also be making recordings available.

Watch the webinar on the final stage – Promoting the Campaign Offer – which also summarises the webinar series.

Visit the Online Lead Generation Series page for more information about the series and each webinar, and sign-up for the series, or join individual sessions, or access previously recorded webinars.

I do hope this has given you many positive ideas about how to ‘Turbocharge your Sales Funnel’.

If so I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how this lead generation approach can benefit your business.