Find your entrepreneurial style – identify your business strengths

As a business owner or business professional there is great value in understanding our entrepreneurial style.

We are all unique. We have natural strengths and weaknesses. We have experience and knowledge gained over the years.

It is really helpful to gain a clear understanding of our natural strengths.

When we do we can put ourselves in situations that suit our natural entrepreneurial style. We can be more successful with less effort. Decisions become easier and more natural. Activities become more enjoyable. Work becomes a pleasure. Confidence builds and radiates.

It also allows us to identify roles and activities that are not natural for us. In these situations we can find partners or suppliers with complimentary strengths.

Finding your Entrepreneurial Style, and your Flow

You may well have done personality profiles before. I certainly have. But Wealth Dynamics is unlike anything I’ve tried before.
I’ll let Roger Hamilton introduce Wealth Dynamics (for Entrepreneurs). NB. There is also Talent Dynamics for teams.

The diagram below highlights the EIGHT personality profiles that are at the heart of the assessment.

Find your Entrepreneurial Style with Wealth Dynamics

The EIGHT entrepreneurial style profiles

Fore each profile there are identifiable role models who have made their fortunes by applying their innate entrepreneurial style and approach to a suitable business model. To be successful they also needed to be part of a team comprising complementary skills.

  • CREATOR         “Create a better product”       Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson
  • STAR                 “Create a Unique Brand”       Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • SUPPORTER           “Leading the Team”             Jack Welch, Meg Whitman
  • DEAL MAKER          “Bringing People Together”      Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch
  • TRADER            “Buying Low, Selling High”             George Soros, John Templeton
  • ACCUMULATOR          “Collecting Appreciating Assets”       Warren Buffet, Paul Allen
  • LORD                 “Controlling Cash Generating Assets”         Andrew Carnegie, Sergey Brin
  • MECHANIC       “Creating a Better System”          Henry Ford, Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA), Michael Dell

Can you get an insight into how these profiles might help you discover and relate to a new understanding of your strengths?

How has knowing my Wealth Dynamics Entrepreneurial Style helped me?

When I took the assessment it identified my profile as ‘Mechanic’. When I read the related information and action plans so much dropped into place.

Events and outcomes from my career to date, relationships with people, my thinking style, all became much clearer.

  • Mechanics and perfectionists, looking for ways to do things better. Which is very useful when reviewing client systems.
  • They get hands-on with their systems looking for ways to improve things. Which I guess is why Internet Marketing fascinates me.
  • It highlights that Mechanics do well when selling other people’s products rather than developing products themselves
  • However, there is a warning that it takes Mechanics a long time to get started, as they aim for perfection

And this is just a brief highlight of the detailed report and profile that is generated.

Putting the Entrepreneurial Style into practice

In addition, Wealth Dynamics generates a report to guide you on direction and implementation.

For example, it highlights the complimentary profiles and skills you should team up with for success. (I’m still looking)

And it has helped me to build a plan, which is a work in progress.

I also met the entrepreneur behind Wealth Dynamics, Roger James Hamilton, when I attended a one day seminar of his in London in September 2011. He really is great value and ‘the real deal’, not just for wealth dynamics but for his views about the global trends that are underway, and ways that businesses can align with a rising trend.

If you get a chance to attend one of his seminars do go along.

The Wealth Dynamics personality profile

So, if your goal is to increase your income, grow your wealth and achieve more with less effort, or just to find your natural style and talent, find ways to use and develop it, and to get back to having ‘fun’, do take the profile test on the link below.

Take your Wealth Profile test Now!


NB: Full disclosure – this is an affiliate link and if you buy through this link I will receive a small commission.


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