Goal Mapping by Brian Mayne Templates ImageThe start of a new year is an ideal time for Goal Mapping and planning.

Over the years I’ve tried many goal setting and planning approaches. But, like many people, I’ve found it tough to stick with one approach and one plan.

Somehow ‘life’ seems to muddle things up. The plan ends up in a drawer and rarely gets referred to. It’s not top-of-mind. It’s not a working document even.

So, it was timely when I received an invitation to a Goal Mapping talk by Brian Mayne in November 2017. His message resonated with me on so many levels – his personal journey, his insight into the way our minds work, the goal mapping approach he’s developed, and his mission to reach many people.

Here’s a picture of me and brian at the Yes Bristol event.

Brian Mayne with Mark Stonham

Brian Mayne with Mark Stonham at the Goal Mapping talk organised by “Yes Bristol” on November 28th 2017 at Engineers House, Bristol.

Using Goal Mapping

When I got home after the talk I was keen to take action, so I downloaded the planning template and read it through.

The next day I spent an hour or so to create my first draft. I’ve refined this a few times, as I’ve reflected on priorities and the words I use.

And the amazing thing is, 6 weeks after the event, I now have my Goal Map engrained in my mind. I make mental checks on different areas to check my progress. I use it as a frame of reference for where I need to focus and spend time. For example, one area is to share it with other people, in the belief that it will help some others.

Sharing Goal Mapping with 7 million people

Brian highlighted that his mission is to share his Goal Mapping approach with 7 million people. He is working with an impressive portfolio of large corporates. He is giving talks to business owners, like the one I went to. He is also getting the message out to graduates and children, via schools and parents.

The Goal Mapping Approach

The simplicity of the model and method really impressed me. So, it doesn’t take long to create the first goal map.

  • There’s a 7 step process to follow
  • And the output is a 2 page goal map.
    • One page is words.
    • The other is pictures.

He says this is a powerful combination for the left and right sides of the brain, and it’s certainly helped me.

You can get the 4 Page Goal Mapping Template document here.

My Goal Map

If you’re interested in the headlines of my Goal Map, in simple terms:

  • My Why is around Adventure, Learning and Teaching, and Communities.
  • My main Goal is around satisfying and rewarding Work.
  • My secondary Goals are around Health, Wealth, Happiness and Travel.
  • And my Action areas are primarily work related – around communicating with, teaching and supporting people in various audience groups in the related areas of
    • LinkedIn Profile and Personal Branding,
    • LinkedIn Foundation activity,
    • LinkedIn Lead Generation,
    • Social Selling,
    • Sales Tech and
    • GDPR.

Developing your own goal map

Since you’ve read this far I really encourage you to …

Download the 4 page Goal Mapping Template document here.

A quick read will surely convince you of how easy yet powerful this system is.

Then hopefully you’ll want to take an hour or two to produce a first draft.

Goal Mapping Support

If you’d like to discuss, share or have some support for defining your goals and planning 2018 please do drop me a reply.

I wish you and yours a successful, prosperous and fulfilling 2018.


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