GAIN New Clients – 4 ways to grow

We all know it’s important to gain new clients. But as a Senior Professional and fee earner it can be very difficult to do it systematically and reliably. Here are my tips to help you develop a clear rational and emotional approach and a goal to aim for, to help you to GAIN new clients.

I outline 4 (initially 3) ways to gain new clients.

– GROW existing clients – and ask for referrals.
– ATTRACT enquiries – by posting content.
– INVITE connection – using Search through LinkedIn.
– NETWORK for referrals – online or F2F (when we can).

But it is vital that we WANT to GAIN new clients. We need to be emotional motivated. We need to silence the negative voice and build up the positive voice in our heads.

And this is where having a clear PURPOSE – to help other people to achieve their goals – is a strong motivator.

So, ask yourself:

1. Am I emotionally motivated to GAIN new clients, or do I need to remove barriers and boost my desire?

2. Can I prioritise an approach, for this week, and focus my mind and effort on it?

3. Will I dedicate an hour or two this week to make progress towards a realistic goal?

What techniques are working for you – and are there any barriers or challenges you’ve overcome, or wrestling with?

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