Sales Success, Motivation, Stress and Our Natural Strengths

Do you remember the times when things were going really well for you?

  •       When you won your first big deal at a new company.
  •       When you hit your personal or business target and got recognition for doing so.
  •       When a new initiative of yours came good and gathered momentum.
  •       When you were operating ‘in the zone’ and rolling from one success to another.

It’s was a great feeling, wasn’t it.                             (Ed: cue cheesy picture of happy smiling person 🙂 )

Symbols, trophies and reminders of success

It’s great to have a talisman or trophy to remind ourselves of success. They can provide great motivation when times are tough.

That’s why companies like IBM organise Sales Conventions for people who make quota, why some people buy watches or fast cars when they reach a landmark deal, or take a weekend away, a meal, buy a new outfit, or a simple momento to mark the event.

Take a moment to recount perhaps half a dozen of your great successes, and pat yourself on the back and say ‘Well done me!’ You can do this on a regular basis too.

Challenging goals can create unhealthy stress

Since you’re here reading this page, I guess that you might not be where you want to be.

Maybe you’re being stretched too much. Or maybe not enough?

Perhaps the expectation levels are coming from outside, or are they from inside?

And if stress levels are increasing, success can seem a long way in the past, or a long way ahead.

This can come through in many ways, such as:

  •     You feel like you’re a jack-of-all-trades rather than the master of one
  •     You’re trying to walk up the down escalator and any progress is really difficult
  •     That day after day it can feel like the ‘fun’ missing

A quick-win can be to set a simple, achievable target, and then praise ourselves when we achieve it.

Finding and using our natural strengths

A longer-term solution is to find our natural strengths, as an entrepreneur, and then to use and develop them.

To take a sporting analogy:

  •     Athletes choose an ‘event’ or discipline where they have some natural strengths and abilities
  •     They then focus on relevant training to make them fitter or stronger for their event and on achievable goals
  •     Amateur athletes join a club which supports them in their chosen discipline
  •     Professional athletes have a team around them to take care of them and help them focus.

Effectively they make choices:

  •     To avoid competing in events where they are not very good
  •     To work to make themselves better at what they choose to do
  •     To find or create a good support team around them.

Taking stock of our natural or latent abilities is a helpful starting point.

To discover your natural entrepreneurial strengths follow this link.

Do remember your successes, and share them with us below.

If you’d like some guidance and encouragement do drop me a line.

Have a great week.


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