Five steps to use LinkedIn Status Updates as a Company to generate leads

LinkedIn Status Updates is one of many ways you can promote your business and generate leads.

As with other online networks and resources, such as your Website and Twitter, there are three things you need to do:

  1. provide something worthwhile for visitors to see and read and ideally to share
  2. include content that indirectly or directly highlights things they can achieve with your help
  3. promote your LinkedIn company page in order to get visitors and followers.

LinkedIn provides many tools and resources to help you to present your company well.

  • Getting found – there is a good company search facility in LinkedIn, so try searching for companies in your sector or location to see who else is listed
  • Create or update your Company Overview profile to describe your unique value proposition and the benefits you deliver and to who
  • Add or update your product or service pages, including promotions, video, your contact details and a link to the related page on your website
  • Encourage colleagues to update their personal profiles if they are showing in the employee section
  • Check the page stats for page views, unique visitors, and clicks on Product & Service pages, rated against similar companies

Post LinkedIn Status Updates for your Company

LinkedIn now enables company profile administrators to post updates about the company. Use this facility to highlight company or market news, articles on your website, and things that demonstrate your expertise. Encourage staff to comment, like and share the content to highlight it to their contacts, which will help them to raise their profiles. This also gives people a reason to follow your company, so they receive the updates in future. And it is content they can share with their contacts as well, should they choose.

Five steps to using LinkedIn company status updates

Step 1 – create your company account in LinkedIn (if you’ve not done so already). LinkedIn Learning Centre has a good guide.

Step 2 – set yourself up as a Designated User in the Admin permissions. Hubspot How to guide is good.

Step 3 – start posting great status updates from your company profile. LinkedIn Answer and Video cover this.

Step 4 – start increasing your company profile followers – add the New Company Profile Plugin to your website.  See the LinkedIn guide

Step 5 – start generating leads and get an ROI – make your product and service offers on your LinkedIn company profile compelling with a clear call-to-action. Check-out the Wurlwind page here.

To see Company Status updates about this series of tips from Wurlwind visit the Wurlwind overview page.

If you would like help to plan or implement your LinkedIn or Social Media strategy to generate business please get in touch.

Published by Mark Stonham

I help Business Owners and Sales Leaders to improve lead generation and create new sales opportunities through effective use of LinkedIn for themselves and their business. Techniques include Targeting, Trigger Events and Re-Framing the proposition to start sales conversations. In particular I work with technology businesses, professional services firms and knowledge sector organisations.