Defining Campaign Goals plus Tracking for better lead generation

Chequered Flags are the Goal of the Racing Driver“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” Fitzhugh Dodson

As you prepare for the next leg of your business journey why not invite Wurlwind to help you identify your destination, chart your course and plan the skills and provisions with you.

Defining campaign goals

Everyone knows they need goals. Defining appropriate ones in the rapidly changing business environment is becoming tricky. Are you finding it’s increasingly difficult to define and agree goals in the marketing and sales areas?

Most business owners and managers are clear on operational goal definitions; for sales, revenue, cost and profitability, as these measures haven’t changed significantly. Spreadsheets like EXCEL make it easy to run the numbers, either as a start-up or as an iteration of the previous year for an established business. It’s all too easy to be a spreadsheet millionaire.

Customer acquisition activities and costs are much more complex. The changing marketing and sales dynamics, such as the shift from outbound towards inbound marketing, and increasing centralised lead nurture activities on behalf of several sales representatives mean that tried and tested metrics are less reliable predictors now. And the likelihood is that new metrics will be more changeable than the old ones.

Let us help you understand what is appropriate and effective for your business.

Campaign tracking measures

Assessing one-off campaign effectiveness, such as comparing different direct mail campaigns or email broadcast results, is one level of tracking. Moving towards a more continuous campaign program involving multi-touch, multi-channel contact makes meaningful tracking much more complex.

There is a rapidly increasing range of tools available to collect, analyse and present information to assist in marketing and sales decision-making. Website tracking using Google Analytics is one example, and Social Media Monitoring tools are another.

There are many pitfalls, especially when you can end up setting tracking measures that only cover part of the process, and may distort behaviour and resource allocation. Website visitors and SEO for example are all very well, but without the means to capture and convert those people into leads much effort can be wasted.

Invite Wurlwind to help you define the end-to-end journey of leads through to customers and identify appropriate tracking to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your sales pipeline, and how effective your sales funnel really is.

Campaign skills and resources

The explosion of options for lead generation that flow from website developments and the rapid growth of social media creates a need for several new skills that didn’t exist just a few short years ago. The introduction of inside sales teams to support field sales activities is another shift taking place in many companies, to improve response times, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Outsourcing some or all of your lead generation activities is now a very real option. The breadth of skills and methodologies needed to set-up, execute and fine-tune ever more complex and personalised campaigns and meet the response time expectations of prospects, and to either create competitive advantage, or keep in-touch with best of breed competitors in your sector is becoming a significant task for business owners and sales and marketing managers.

To plan specific campaign resource requirements, or to understand and plan how to respond to the fundamental changes taking place in marketing and sales, arrange an initial discussion with Wurlwind today.

Email me, Mark Stonham, and I’ll be in touch very soon.

Published by Mark Stonham

I help Business Owners and Sales Leaders to improve lead generation and create new sales opportunities through effective use of LinkedIn for themselves and their business. Techniques include Targeting, Trigger Events and Re-Framing the proposition to start sales conversations. In particular I work with technology businesses, professional services firms and knowledge sector organisations.

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