Customer Appreciation pays dividends

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Quick Tips:

1. There are many ways to show appreciation in public to customers through LinkedIn. Liking, commenting and sharing their content is one way, giving them endorsements and testimonials is another.  and other Social Media. Introducing them to other people pro-actively is a third.

2. Connecting with your Customer and /or Clients on LinkedIn should be a high priority.  Make it a priority to connect with all your current and historical customers, as well as colleagues and ex-colleagues, business partners and others you know offline.


1. Customers are a source of renewals and repeat business, case studies and reference calls, referrals and introductions. Showing appreciation, directly to them, and visibly to others, is a fantastic way to staying front-of-mind. Find reasons to thank your customers in many ways so they really know that you appreciate their business, and them as individuals. Visible appreciation through LinkedIn and other Social Media has huge power, as it shows that you are generous, and people are more likely to offer help, or respond positively if you ask.

2. LinkedIn is quite good at prompting and suggesting ‘People you might know’. Being pro-active, by going through your previous address books, your phone, email list, CRM, will build a powerful foundation network from which to grow. If you work in a sales team and with company colleagues you get extra leverage by connecting with them and then their contacts are 2nd level contacts for you. You should only need to do this catch-up once in your career, so why not do it now, rather than later.

Recommended Action:

Schedule time to go through your historical contacts and invite them to Connect on LinkedIn.

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