The range of CRM applications and Social CRM apps is expanding very rapidly. Below you’ll find a very useful infographic summary from (at Feb 2012).

I’ve also added some narrative comment that I hope will be helpful too.

Major trends in CRM and Social CRM apps

The CRM market has changed a lot over 10 years, and especially the last 2, including:

  • Traditional on-premise CRM providers moving to Cloud based, on-demand, SaaS options (such as Microsoft & Oracle )
  • New Cloud-based CRM providers arriving on the market ( plus many others)
  • CRM providers adding Social Media into the profile and communications mix (pretty much everyone)
  • Pure Social CRM providers arriving (especially Nimble)
  • API interfaces enabling plug-and-play integration between different apps (which may be a plus or a minus)

Other CRM and Social CRM contenders

Systems I’ve come across over the last couple of years that I feel are worth mentioning are:

  • Adobe Business Catalyst – for ecommerce and online store, with good CRM with it
  • InTouchCRM – comprehensive CRM with Social for smaller businesses
  • XOBNI – add Social Information to your Outlook and Gmail address book

Considerations when short-listing a CRM or Social CRM app

With apparent low cost of entry it’s easy to take the decision quickly. However the true cost of data consolidation, process updates, training etc. will mean that investment over 3-5 years will be significant, and exit costs and disruption could mean that it’s easier to stay with whatever system you choose, as long as it’s not ‘broken’. So consider:

  • Do you sell business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) – and is the system matched to that?
  • Do you sell products or services – and is the system matched to that, or does it try to do both?
  • How well does it cover the 4 Cs?
  • Contacts – single view of customer – profile, history, activity, sales forecast etc.
  • Communication – does it support a true dialogue, including social media conversations
  • Calendar – does it give you control over meetings and events, and tasks and activities
  • Collaboration – how well does it support your business team to share information, communication, tasks etc.
  • How well does it work with existing apps, ie. Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, email marketing, Google Analytics, Web CMS etc.?
  • How well does it support mobile users, on smart-phone and tablets?
  • It is easy to use – so much so that Salespeople will LOVE to use it on an hour-by-hour basis?
  • What is the culture of the provider – are you taking an app, or joining a success group?

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