Connect with customers on LinkedIn – it’s more than being polite

To build long-term relationships it’s essential that we connect with customers and clients. And there are physical and emotional aspects to this.

Have you been to an exhibition or trade show and bumped into one of your customers?

And did you think:

  • I wish I’d known they were going to be here, to avoid the embarrassment.
  • I wish I’d invited them, and arranged to meet for a coffee.
  • What are they looking for, and maybe I can help them?
  • Who have they been talking to? I hope it’s not the competition.

And what do you think they were thinking:

  • This is a surprise, fancy meeting you here.
  • I thought we were a major client of yours, but you didn’t mention you were going to be here.
  • I’ve been meaning to have a chat with you before you find out through the grapevine…

It’s not that different on Linkedin.

  • If your clients are on Linkedin and you’re not then they (and your competition) have a real advantage over you.
  • If you’re on LinkedIn but you haven’t take the time to find and connect with customers what message does that send to them?
  • And if they’re not yet on LinkedIn and you are the one who invites and shows them around, will that strengthen your relationship?

Tips to make inviting and connecting easier:

Connecting to all of your current and previous customers on LinkedIn is a foundation step to take to build your online network.

And when we connect with customers on LinkedIn it creates an opportunity to talk to them, and this alone can create new opportunities for us.


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One Response to Connect with customers on LinkedIn – it’s more than being polite

  1. Mike Sagar April 19, 2013 at 11:49 am #

    I agree. Using Linkedin as part of a social business deployment is not a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have”! And will become business critical.