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Three steps to help you prepare for a career change

Do you sometimes feel that you need a career change?

Or maybe you are part way through the career change planning and research process.

These days there’s no such thing as a job for life, and indeed it’s rare for someone to stay in the same career for life.

Catalysts for career change are all around us

As a species, humans are remarkably good at adapting to changing circumstances.

Which is just as well, given how much the working environment is changing:

  • Increasing pressure for those in work – and burn-out for some
  • Early retirement for people over a certain age in senior (expensive) positions
  • Voluntary redundancy for people of all ages as companies slim down
  • Resettlement for those in the forces and armed services

And then there is the unknown impact of social, political and technological changes:

  • BREXIT and the European market changes
  • Automation and Robots changing the work dynamics for managers and professionals
  • Computer assisted decision-making and Artificial Intelligence

These are indeed uncertain times, so it makes sense to prepare for change early.

A pro-active approach to career change

With these changes there’s an opportunity to be pro-active and have a plan B, or at least the groundwork prepared.

And this can start with a simple approach, of looking at the past, the present and the future.

  • Looking back – reviewing career history, achievements, likes, dislikes
  • Current capabilities – including personality traits, skills and drivers
  • Looking forward – to explore areas where there may be new, exciting, challenging and rewarding opportunities

And maybe the outcome is to actually confirm the desire to continue on the current career path, with greater clarity, renewed enthusiasm, and purpose.

Many clients have found it very beneficial to be able to talk through their situation, to have fresh ideas put to them, to be challenged about their assumptions and more. I have a knack for finding “the Golden Thread” as one client called it. This allows clients to be much more focused in their networking activity, to move towards new opportunities.

Three steps to help you prepare for a career change

I’ve worked with many senior executives over the past 5 years, helping them to sharpen their positioning and their Linkedin Profiles, and prepare themselves to make the most of the resources and contacts on LinkedIn.

I’ve developed and proven a pragmatic approach to support experienced people preparing for a job or career transition, or consolidation for those part way through.

The three steps which help people when they are planning a career change are:

1. Personality Profiling

There are many profiling tools around, such as 16PF, Myers Briggs, DISC and more. The tool I’ve chosen is particularly applicable for entrepreneurs and people in business leadership roles. At its heart is the notion of discovering how we are each wired to create value.

It is also about understanding Trust – at a level that goes way beyond basics of honesty, integrity, confidentiality etc.

  • What are the specific areas that others trust us in – which make us the go-to person, trusted for advice and delivery?
  • And even more fundamental – what are the areas we trust ourselves in, where we enjoy taking on responsibility?

Coupled with this is the recognition that we need to find and work with others with complementary strengths in order that our value can be applied. The profiling tool is applicable across a spectrum of people and situations including:

  • employees working with others in a team to deliver value to clients
  • solopreneurs, independent consultants and business owners, delivering value to clients in their own name
  • business leaders, directors and management team members delivering value as a team

This profiling tool is called Wealth Dynamics. There’s an introduction to it on this link.

Personality Profiling Assessment and Debrief Call – £195

2. Career Level Profiling

While it’s fairly obvious and common sense to identify what level people are in their careers there’s a lot more to it when it comes to planning next moves. This is especially so when moving from an employed position to self-employed.  This assessment will help to:

  • Identify warning signs and remedial action to take to avert a crisis
  • Disparities between perceptions and reality, aspirations and implications
  • Actions to take to consolidate a particular level or to move up, or down the spectrum

This profiling tool is called Wealth Spectrum. There’s an introduction to it here.

Wealth Spectrum Assessment and Debrief Call – £145

3. LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

Even if your LinkedIn Profile is fairly comprehensive there’s a strong possibility it is not helping you as much as it could. What I see very frequently are:

  • LinkedIn Profiles that are like a CV – primarily about the person rather than the value they deliver to clients
  • LinkedIn profiles that are historic – and lack future oriented positioning, indicating the direction of travel
  • And of course LinkedIn Profiles that are sketchy, incomplete, inaccurate and in other ways falling short.

I’ve rewritten hundreds of LinkedIn Profiles for people in many different roles; from very senior executives, business celebrities, independent management consultants, business leaders, sales leaders, management teams, department heads, senior professionals and more. Each is unique, based on their objectives, history, and things like tone of voice.

You can find many testimonials and examples of Linkedin Profile Rewrites completed here:

A LinkedIn Profile Rewrite where career transition is involved starts at £345

A Packaged Career Change Service

For people contemplating or going through a career change the combination of the three services above is really valuable to:

  • Revisit and refocus on their innate strengths and personal characteristics – the things they can do naturally, resulting in far more output for far less effort and stress
  • Review responsibility levels and leverage – and consider the best actions to consolidate or move ahead or back.
  • Revise the LinkedIn Profile so it makes a positive contribution to positioning, networking, conversations, introductions and referrals.

The outcomes and benefits that people have achieved by going through this process include:

  • Clarity – about what their strengths are, and the direction they want to head in for their networking and career research
  • Confidence – that they have a specific purpose to their networking and a clear value that others will benefit from
  • Conversations – to reach out and to have focused discussions with friends, existing contacts and new contacts
The combination of the two assessments, debriefs and LinkedIn Profile rewrite is offered at 25+% off = £495

NB. And as a bonus there is NO VAT to pay as I’m not registered!

If this sounds interesting, if you have any questions, and to discuss whether there’s a good fit, click here to schedule a telephone call with me, Mark Stonham.

Nimble CRM Support from Wurlwind

Nimble CRM Support - Helping you juggle sales activity successfullyGood CRM support for sales and marketing can increase productivity, lead generation, sales conversions and customer service.

But it is a challenge to find the right system from the thousands available. It takes more time than we imagine to go through the evaluation and selection. And then getting used to a new system, a different way of working, and then taking full advantage of all the functions available, is where good CRM support really makes a difference.

To make it easier for you to make an assessment of one of the leading systems available here is the support we provide for the Nimble CRM system. Our goal is to help you to identify what’s going to increase your sales productivity and effectiveness, to decide whether Nimble is a good fit for your business, and if so then to implement it quickly and start gaining benefits very soon.

We’ve been using Nimble since 2010, from before it was launched. And, to be up-front, we’re also been a reseller for the system since the early days, so we earn a few dollars if you go through and take a licence.

However, with CRM costs being so low, and people taking a DIY approach to implementation, we do need to charge for consultancy, advice and training.
Wurlwind - Nimble CRM Solution Partner
We’ve aligned our support to the three main CRM selection phases and developed and offer support materials and telephone/skype contact to help people like you to reach a good decision, to save time, and then gain benefits quickly to grow your business.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you in future too.


1. Nimble CRM Support for the Consideration phase

If you’re a Consultant, Business Owner, or solopreneur involved with customer and prospect contact then at some stage you’ll benefit from a structured sales process and a CRM system to support that process. Nimble is incredibly good in this solo environment, and also for small teams.

a) Read our Nimble CRM Review here.

It’s a subtle distinction but we see Nimble as very good for sales led activity. Some CRMs are essentially marketing databases with a token sales front-end. Nimble is excellent at supporting sales led activity with sufficient database marketing built behind it.

Read our Nimble CRM Review here

b) CRM Selection Guidance Calls

If you’d like to have a chat about Nimble, or CRM for small business or Sales Process requirements then book a call with us. Because of the economics of CRM for small business we do need to charge for this.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss your CRM requirement

It’s tempting to be attracted and entranced by ‘shiny objects’, and there are some very attractive point solutions (single task) applications available in the CRM sector. Choosing a solid benchmark system and evaluating others against it saves time and emotion. Nimble CRM is a very capable benchmark that takes some beating.

2. Nimble CRM Support for the 14 day trial phase

If you’ve short-listed Nimble CRM then then next stage is to undertake a more detailed evaluation. There is a 14 day free trial available for this very purpose. Click on the clink below to access the registration page, and this will carry with it our affiliate code.

Sign-up for your 14 day Free Trial of Nimble here

a) The Nimble Evaluation Guide.

To help you make the most of the trial we’ve prepared a Nimble Evaluation Guide. This provides more information about positioning and functionality and potential show-stoppers to look out for. There is also advice about how to get organised for the evaluation and suggestions for sales processes to consider, in order to gain real benefit from a new CRM, whether that’s Nimble or not.

Request your copy of our Nimble CRM Evaluation Guide
– email

b) Telephone support for Nimble Evaluation.

If you’d like to have a chat about Nimble, before, during or after the evaluation then book a call below. This is a chargeable support activity.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss
your Nimble CRM Evaluation questions

Perfection comes at a price – in terms of money and time – and with packaged CRMs some compromise is needed to adjust ones business to the software. Being clear about MUST HAVE, NICE TO HAVE and IRRELEVANT is very important when evaluating packages. In business there are advantages of making a good decision and making progress. This particularly applies to CRM systems.

3. Nimble CRM Support for Implementation

If you’ve decided to go ahead and commit to using Nimble CRM then congratulations. Achieving a rapid implementation leads to early benefits realisation and we can help you focus your efforts.

  • If you don’t have a CRM already getting started with Nimble is relatively straight forward. The challenge however is to actually use the system rather than the manual processes you currently use.
  • If you already have a CRM then migration across, (or co-existing), is needed. We can help you review processes and make recommendations for an approach.

To assist you with implementation we’ve prepared a guide and we can provide telephone support. Nimble themselves are also available to provide support.

a) Nimble CRM Support – Implementation Guide

When implementing a new CRM system there are many things to think about. This guide will help you to identify and prioritise them. In particular it will highlight data structures and codes to set up so that you can make progress with a high degree of confidence that the fundamentals have been set up.

Request your copy of our Nimble CRM Implementation Guide
– email

b) Telephone support for Nimble Implementation.

When tackling a new task such as a CRM implementation it’s really reassuring to be able to talk through the plan and have questions answered by an experienced specialist. To facilitate this I’m available for questions on a prearranged basis. Please book an implementation consultation with me below. This is a chargeable service, but it will save to time overall, and help you achieve results quicker.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss
your Nimble CRM implementation questions

A capable CRM that is well matched to the sales, marketing and business process is a joy to use. An ill-fitting CRM that is awkward to use will be ignored. It’s also about the journey – and who is leading the CRM development. Jon Ferrara, the CEO of Nimble, is at heart a salesman and a visionary. As sales changes with Social Selling it’s reassuring to have a wise and experienced pilot or captain in charge of the ship. 

And I’d be delighted if you’d consider me to be the co-pilot – guiding you through your sales, linkedin, systems and entrepreneurial journey.
Please let me know how best I can help you.

LinkedIn Training – 7 strategies for LinkedIn Lead Generation and Social Selling

Mark Stonham Wurlwind LinkedIn Training Desk Office Feb2017

I look forward to talking with you soon…

Many business owners, independent consultants and sales professionals use LinkedIn to find new clients.

They know LinkedIn isn’t just for job-seekers and recruitment.

Using LinkedIn for business development, marketing, lead generation, selling and customer loyalty processes is very beneficial.

And this is the focus of the training I’ve developed and refined over the years, and overhauled after the LinkedIn changes early in 2017.

Access this LinkedIn Training in TWO ways

As you read through the modules below keep in mind that there are two ways you can access this LinkedIn training:

Over SKYPE – individuals across the world can receive this training in bite-sized modules on a 1:1 basis

On PREMISE – companies, firms and organisations can train their teams in their office

Have a look through the modules below and the training options at the bottom to see which is most beneficial for you.

SEVEN LinkedIn Lead Generation Training modules

Which is the best fit for what you need to achieve?

LinkedIn Lead Generation 7 Strategies Wurlwind

1. LinkedIn Foundations Training

This module focuses on using LinkedIn effectively to support online and offline marketing and selling activity.

When buyers are looking for and short-listing potential suppliers it’s important to be found and also to not to be eliminated for lack of presence.

Ideal for people starting out or needing a refresher for LinkedIn. This module underpins all other modules, because if this area is weak the other activities will be less effective.

This module reflects the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) as a solid and measurable foundation on which to build other lead generation campaigns and activities.

  • LinkedIn Introduction / Refresher –  what’s available in LinkedIn, and their value for business development.
  • Navigating around LinkedIn – key areas in LinkedIn and what function is available where (especially in the new UI).
  • Profile – completing the essential areas of your LinkedIn Profile and optimising for skills, keywords and customer focus.
  • Network – finding and connecting with the right mix of people to support lead generation and other goals
  • Content – what to share on a regular basis to build profile, visibility, reputation and trigger conversations.
  • Conversations – how to engage with people on Linkedin and develop sales related conversations.
  • Processes – developing effective routines, systems and using tools for sales productivity.

Takeaway – LinkedIn Foundations Checklist and Activity Planner for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activity.

2. Social Prospecting using LinkedIn

This LinkedIn Training module focuses on finding and making contact with new people to build a prospect list at scale.

Most Consultants, Business Owners and Salespeople will need to do this to boost their sales pipeline at some time or another.

It’s about identifying and reaching out to say 100 people, connecting and starting sales conversations with 15-30 of them. Then rinse and repeat with another 100!

  • Search – Smart ways to use LinkedIn Search to find people and companies
  • Engage – 7 ways to reach out to people and contact them
  • Positioning – Profile update tips to improve engagement and conversations
  • Follow-up – Tips for organising and following up contacts and list building

Take-away – LinkedIn Prospecting Campaign Planner

3. Account-based Marketing (ABM) Growing Key Accounts

How to use LinkedIn to go wider and deeper in larger and higher value client and prospect companies.

Opening and growing Key Accounts can create very large rewards, but it takes careful planning to get the strategy right.

It’s about expanding into a major company through LinkedIn, identifying multiple entry points and engaging with purpose. Then rinse and repeat with another major company!

  • Research & Listening – using LinkedIn to build up a comprehensive understanding of major businesses
  • Relationships – getting closer to key people through LinkedIn
  • Account Penetration – gaining introductions to the right people via existing contacts
  • Complex sales – using LinkedIn through an extended sale/purchase cycle to improve win rates.

Take-away – LinkedIn Key Account Planner

4. Advanced Personal Branding through LinkedIn

Raising our profiles and growing our networks by being more active in focused ways creates more enquiries and opportunities to follow-up.

Ideal for Subject Matter Experts (Consultants, Business Owners, Salespeople) with a specialist skill or in a niche.

It’s about attracting buyers and prospects by building authority and visibility, becoming a go-to person in your sector or niche.

Key techniques covered include:

  • Being Distinctive – with Advanced Positioning and Profile techniques
  • Boosting Credibility – building social proof and a powerful network presence
  • Increasing Visibility – Curating, sharing and creating content to develop your specialist positioning.
  • Building Relationships – Joining discussions, starting conversations, generating interest.

Take-away – LinkedIn Personal Branding Planner

5. Developing Referrals through LinkedIn

Word of Mouth, and Word of Mouse, are important sources of business that many people overlook, or could be more structured about.

Whether the referral and partner channel is informal or formal the development techniques are similar, even if the reward structures differ.

This module focuses on tips and techniques to develop an effective referral channel through LinkedIn

  • Identifying – people who could become referral partners, formally or informally
  • Recruiting – How to approach people who you’d like to refer and introduce you
  • Educating  – Making it easy for people to refer you, and reminding them regularly
  • Rewarding – Identifying, offering and delivering appropriate rewards to referrers.

Take-away – LinkedIn Referral Campaign Planner

6. Article and content-based lead generation

Writing Blog posts and Articles is not only good for credibility but, with the right structure, promotion and distribution can also be great for lead generation.

A good lead generation article will engage the emotions of the reader, provide learning and rational proof, and lead them towards wanting to take action.

This module focuses on using Articles on your LinkedIn Personal Profile for Lead Generation

  • How to design the Customer Journey to increase lead generation through your profile.
  • Key elements to include in your Lead Generation Article
  • How to promote your article to increase views
  • The Call to Action and your response – What to offer beyond the article.

Take-away – LinkedIn Article based Campaign Planner

7. Using your LinkedIn Company Page to generate leads

For those in a position to create and develop a LinkedIn Company Page there are several ways to use it to generate leads and enquiries.

This LinkedIn Training module focuses on using the LinkedIn Company Page to generate leads

  • Company Page optimisation – for keywords, call to action etc.
  • Status Updates and sharing of news and educational content
  • Sponsoring Updates and how to use them effectively
  • How to get more Followers – ways to organically grow the number of page followers
  • Ways to increase engagement – encouraging people to like, comment and share your content
  • How to generate leads through the Company Page – different lead generation techniques

Take-away – LinkedIn Company Page Promotion and Campaign Planner

Hopefully at least one of those will be relevant and attractive to you.

Which of these Lead Generation Strategies is top of your priority list?

How this LinkedIn Training is delivered

Building on my experience of delivering open courses and one company courses since 2011 I’ve refined the delivery options in 2017.

Skype-based LinkedIn training & consultancy

If you’re a Business Owner, Independent Consultant, Sales Professional and similar, your needs are likely to be fairly specific, and also fairly immediate.

Therefore, a focused, action oriented Linkedin training session will move you forward a long way fast.

In the fast paced working environment, being able to talk on a 1 to 1 basis with me (Mark Stonham), a sales and LinkedIn specialist, has huge benefits:

  • Modular – focusing on a specific LinkedIn and lead generation strategy and technique, which can then be put into practice
  • 1:1 – so the session can go at your pace, cover your questions, use your LinkedIn Account
  • Tailored – providing advice for you as an individual, based on your goals, level of experience, questions etc.
  • Action focused – providing clear next steps, worksheets and checklists, along with encouragement and accountability
  • Skype based – to show and do-with via screenshare and video
  • Value for money – maximising benefits and reducing time and costs on both sides
  • Accountability – follow-up after 1-2 weeks to check that the actions agreed have been undertaken.

Each module has a preparation element, the call itself (50 minutes on Skype) and implementation resources and follow-up contact.

The response to this modular Skype-based training has been very positive.

Does it sound like a style of training that you’d find valuable?

The cost is £95 per module (and no VAT), with discounts available for multiple bookings

Book your LinkedIn Lead Generation Training Call below

NB. If you have any questions or are unsure which of these Linkedin Training Modules is right for you why not

book a no-charge 20 minute discovery call below

so we can discuss which option will help you achieve your top priority the quickest.

Onsite Linkedin Workshops for Teams

Where there are several or many people in a company or organisation to be trained it is more effective in groups or workshop environments onsite.

The workshop(s) usually cover the foundation module above and touches on other elements if appropriate.

Costs of the one company workshops start at £495 for 3 hours, plus an allowance for travel if significantly outside Bristol.

Please email me to set up a discussion, or book a suitable time for a chat in the calendar below (and highlight the purpose of the call in the comments)

I look forward to talking with you very soon, to help you boost your skills, confidence, clarity and start to generate leads for your business very soon.


LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Service

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Banner Image Mark Stonham WurlwindA professional LinkedIn profile rewrite is a wise investment for many reasons.

  • We only have a matter of seconds to make a first impression. We owe it to ourselves and to our businesses to make the most of the brief opportunity
  • Showing up for the right keywords gives more visibility for us and our company page when potential buyers search LinkedIn
  • Being referred to the right people at the right time by our connections can be boosted by a better profile
  • Being shortlisted (or not being eliminated from the long-list) can be improved through better profiles across the senior management team of a business
  • Other business goals such as partnerships, investment, recruitment and many more can be enhanced through better profiles, especially of the business leader

Our profiles, from the photo, headline and summary, need to work really hard in the following situations:

  • when people look at our profile before a phone call or a meeting
  • when people look to see who viewed their profile
  • when our profile appears in search results (and the right words will make it appear more often)
  • when our profile is included in the list of employees of the company or organisation(s) we work for
  • when we post status updates and they appear in the home feed of our connections and others
  • when we write posts for the LinkedIn Pulse database
  • when we appear in the list of ‘profiles other people looked at’
  • when we appear in the ‘keep in touch’ reminders

Our LinkedIn Profile is the foundation for our online presence, our digital footprint, our online personal brand and professional presence.

When did you last update your profile?

And have you ever gone through a complete LinkedIn profile rewrite?

Take a look at the tips, advice and examples below to see how your profile could have much greater impact.

Or click here to send me an email if you’d like to know more or to discuss next steps.

Creating powerful LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is not just a place for job-seekers and recruiters.

It’s an online network that people in the B2B market can use to find new clients and grow their businesses.

  • It’s surprising how many senior people still have a CV style profile, which people might take as a sign they are looking for a job.
  • Even more surprising are the number of skeleton profiles of business leaders and senior managers. What impression does that give out? Would you turn up for a meeting looking dishevelled and unprepared? And what example or leadership does that set for people in their department?

As the founder of Wurlwind I, Mark Stonham, have reviewed thousands of LinkedIn profiles and completed well over 100 LinkedIn profile rewrites for clients over several years.

During this time I’ve made a discovery that is overlooked by many, and realised that:

People in different business roles deserve to have LinkedIn Profiles that say different things.

After all, different people have different roles, different objectives, and different audiences and communities that they work with.

Therefore it’s logical that their LinkedIn profiles need to serve different purposes, to resonate with different audiences, and  meet different objectives.

Would you be impressed by the following LinkedIn Profiles?

Here are some examples of those differences. Take a look at some actual profiles via the links in the testimonials on the following pages.

  • A Consultant (Business Consultant, Management Consultant, Sales Consultant, IT Consultant, HR Consultant etc.) who had a clear specialisation of working with organisations of a particular type and helping them to improve their business performance in some particular way, to identify the starting point, the destination and have a methodology for the transition, and social proof through testimonials, articles, associations, peer approval etc. If that capability matched your requirements wouldn’t you want to meet them?
  • A Business Leader (Chairman, CEO, MD, Business Owner) who has a clear vision and mission for their business, one that spoke to prospects and customers, staff and recruits, suppliers and sales channel partners, investors and the press etc. One that supported the efforts of the sales and marketing team, customer services, production and development and more. Maybe one that highlighted growth and partnering opportunities. And one that inspired confidence in the likelihood that it would deliver, based on a track record of success. If the journey that the business is on was clear, and aligned with your aspirations, wouldn’t you want to know more?
  • A Sales Leader (Sales Director, Sales Manager, Business Development, New Business Sales) who is clearly customer focused, plugged into the customers’ market, connected with decision-maker peers, aware of market trends and issues, and with a track record of heading up value delivery to clients, not just making quota. Wouldn’t you want to find out how you, your department and your company could benefit, reassured by the value you’d expect to get from a conversation, and confident that you could probably refer them to colleagues or clients.
  • A Business Professional (such as Heads of delivery departments, project managers, consultants, fee earners, sales account managers etc.) who was clearly aware of their role and contribution to value delivery to clients, had clear expertise in one or more areas, and evidence of skills development and progression. And more so, would you feel reassured to see a team of specialists who worked together, as part of considering whether to short-list a potential supplier, or recommend them to your colleagues, or your clients.
  • And the LinkedIn Company Page that represents the business vision and ties together the profiles of the key individuals and staff. A powerful image and well crafted description to engage with prospects and customers, recruits and other interested parties creates a really positive tone. It can also support staff endeavours online, as the company page can make a major contribution to the way businesses are perceived, and the actions that visitors take.

This is what the Wurlwind LinkedIn Profile Rewrite service delivers – profiles that create a very positive first impression.

Click here to send me an email if you’d like to know more or to discuss next steps.

Three key objectives for a LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

If you accept the importance of moving beyond a skeleton or a CV profile then these THREE objectives become clearer.

And by the way, this goes way beyond the LinkedIn prompts that get you to 100% and they only cover the foundations.

1. The 180 degree switch – from About Me to About You!

This is fundamental for an effective LinkedIn profile for someone in post or running a business and looking for greater success in that role.

  • A recruiter has a brief for a role they are recruiting for, and they can match and score a CV against that.
  • A potential customer has a business need, a challenge, a problem to overcome or an opportunity or aspiration to move towards.
  • And some potential customers need to have their eyes opened to the needs or opportunities they don’t yet recognise.

Therefore the first challenge for a LinkedIn Profile Rewrite is to make the switch from About Me to About You.

2. Supporting the Know, Like and Trust journey

Trust is pretty important in business and especially in business development, in sales, in partnerships, in recommending and leading change etc.

And although trust will depend on many things there is the potential to be eliminated early on if a competitor has a stronger set of credentials.

Trust is also fairly granular and specific. Beyond the basics like honesty, integrity, keeping confidences and similar there is another level.

This can be conveyed in the expression of being a ‘go-to’ person. Who do people go-to for financial advice, for marketing ideas, for connections, for negotiating a deal, to design systems and so on.

The second objective of the LinkedIn Profile Rewrite is to identify the right area of trust and then to portray that trust.

3. To set up an appropriate response for the reader to take

It would be a shame if, after all the preparation, the reader was left to make their own mind up about whether to take action, and if so what, don’t you think.

If we want someone to do something isn’t it far more effective if we specifically ask them, and their only options really are Yes, or No.

Of course we’ve added our email address and / or phone number to the profile or page, and maybe our Twitter handle too.

But at the end of the Summary, and maybe in the Advice for Contacting section, include a clear and compelling call to action (CTA).

Maybe that’s asking for certain people to connect, or for referrals to particular people, of for a business leader to sign-post people in the company to be contacted for different matters.

How well does your profile meet these THREE objectives?

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite benefits

Business success increasingly depends not just on being visible but moving people through the know, like and trust sequence in ways the buyers prefer.

  • People are finding that with progressive visibility and a positive profile come progressive benefits.
  • The innovators have grasped the potential of the Internet and LinkedIn very quickly, and are forging ahead in their respective markets.
  • Our clients say they feel much more confident as a result of having a very professional, purposeful profile created for them.
  • With our support they are dressed for success online.

Profiles of each person, each company and the key people in management and sales deserve to present a credible and joined up message.

After all, our website, premises, exhibition attendance, marketing and lead generation campaigns and many other expenses could be let down by a poor impression on LinkedIn.

To discuss the benefits you’d like to achieve click here to send me an email.

What triggers people to get a LinkedIn Profile rewrite?

There are several recurring events or business circumstances when people seek help with a profile rewrite including:

  • undertaking a business review and sharpening focus in either the same or a different direction
  • attending an event or conference where there will be a lot of visibility of the LinkedIn profile
  • undergoing a rebrand with potentially a new website and wanting that to flow through, or to be guided by, the LinkedIn profile(s)
  • stepping out of a role as an employee (either voluntarily or not) or the armed services and wanting to research or pursue a new direction
  • undertaking a business or sales team shake-up and wanting to present a clearer and more consistent message to the market

And quite often people make the change having been referred to me by a previous client, often as a result of seeing their profile and the conversation that follows.

Would you like more guidance and help with your LinkedIn Profile Rewrite?

Congratulations if you are still reading. I guess you’re pretty serious about improving your LinkedIn Profile.

You might also be feeling a little daunted or maybe overwhelmed.

But also, wouldn’t it be a shame if in say 3 months you were still feeling you REALLY ought to tackle your LinkedIn Profile.

Imagine instead if you acted now and within 2-4 weeks you and maybe your business and colleagues had a much more professional image on LinkedIn.

Would that make you feel a lot better?

Especially to experience the clarity and confidence that comes from the repositioning that I help people to develop, their purpose, their golden thread, or similar.

This isn’t a high pressure sell but if you would like to discuss LinkedIn profile improvements and see if a LinkedIn Profile Rewrite is right for you and your business click the button below…

If you’ve read this far why not get in touch today. CLICK HERE to send me an email and let’s have a chat very soon.


Consultant LinkedIn Profile Rewrite

 Consultant LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Image Mark Stonham WurlwindA Consultant Linkedin Profile is a valuable part of gaining regular assignments and contracts.

Consultants specialise in many disciplines and contribute to all areas of their clients’ business including:

  • Business Consultants
  • Management Consultants
  • Sales Consultants
  • Marketing Consultants
  • HR Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • Finance Consultants

Reputation and word of mouth through an established network is still really important.

But a good LinkedIn Profile will increase visibility and make it easier to be found and to be referred and introduced to opportunities.

LinkedIn is increasingly valuable for helping us and the companies we work for to be successful, not just for when people are looking for new positions.

A Consultant LinkedIn Profile should go well beyond the 100% score that LinkedIn attributes when certain boxes are completed.

In the knowledge economy, as a specialist in your field it’s increasingly important to stay front-of-mind, which is the power of LinkedIn.

The challenge of writing Consultant LinkedIn Profile

Some Management Consultants they don’t necessarily know what they know, or how to convey it through LinkedIn.

  • They may not have thought about it and broken it down into constituent parts
  • They may assume that their job title is sufficient for others to work out what they do
  • They may be too modest to be specific about their strengths and their contribution
  • They may not have time or knowledge about LinkedIn to write and to make the appropriate changes to their profile

And for teams and firms of consultants a consistent approach to profiles will be a distinct advantage.

The benefits of a well-written Consultant LinkedIn Profile

Our proven approach to LinkedIn Profile Rewrites for Consultants presents individuals and teams in a very positive way.

  • Freelance Consultants will clearly show their specialisation and expertise, with evidence of delivery
  • Fee earners will clearly convey their competence as domain specialists and subject matter experts
  • Agents and others who place management consultants will find it easier to place those with clear, comprehensive and compelling Linkedin profiles.

When combined with a well-written Company Page for the Consultancy this creates a really powerful message to prospective clients.

The Profile Rewrite Process:

This process has been designed to deliver maximum value and optimise time on both sides:

  1. We ask you to complete a 1 page A4 background form and send us a copy of a fairly recent start the process
  2. We’ll then interview you by phone or skype for 30-45 minutes to understand your objectives
  3. We’ll draft the key sections of Summary and current roles and headline
  4. Then there’s a review process, conducted by email and tracked document changes
  5. We the post the changes on your behalf and update the settings etc of your LinkedIn Profile.

We know the process works when we post the changes to profiles on behalf of clients.

What’s included:

The deliverable outcome is an updated and rewritten LinkedIn Profile covering the following element:

  • Headline and Summary
  • Current Role
  • Skills section review
  • Contact Details update
  • Online support

The investment:

We aim to optimise both the financial outlay and the time you need to contribute.

  • The cost to you is £295 (No VAT is applied)
  • The time you contribute is about 2 hours.

Sometimes the hardest part of writing a Linkedin Profile for a Consultant is actually gaining clarity about specialist skills and contribution to clients, and the way to articulate the. That’s where our skills and experience come to the fore.
We have a track record of capturing the essence of what makes professionals valuable to clients and positioning (or re-positioning) them on LinkedIn to make them look really impressive.

Next Steps:

Your time as a fee earner is very valuable, so the sooner you have a really impressive LinkedIn Profile the more you’re likely to earn

To get started simply email me, Mark Stonham, if you’d like to improve your profile, or those of your team or company.

LinkedIn Profile Review

It’s not easy to create a good profile on LinkedIn, so congratulations on making the progress you have.

Now you’ve invested time to develop your LinkedIn profile it can be valuable to have an experienced independent review.

This is much more than a proof-reading service.

We will:

  • assess how you are positioning yourself and how you come across to your intended / target reader, especially if you are a business leader, sales leader or senior professional.
  • identify ways it could be strengthened to achieve the goals you have for your profile and LinkedIn.
  • identify sections and features you may have missed, and any recent LinkedIn features you weren’t aware of.
  • look for any phrasing and tone that could be tightened to resonate with your audience.
  • review the keyword emphasis to improve the way your profile is found within LinkedIn.
  • consider many other aspects too.

See what our customers are saying:

Book your LinkedIn Profile Review Call now

LinkedIn Training Video Testimonials for Mark Stonham and Wurlwind

LinkedWin Logo - LinkedIn Training Video Testimonials for Mark Stonham and WurlwindVarious people have kindly provided LinkedIn Training Video Testimonials for the LinkedIn Masterclass courses delivered by Mark Stonham and Wurlwind.

Here are a selection of the video testimonials.

There are Written Testimonials to view here too.

Gain clarity about how to grow your business using LinkedIn with our new LinkedIn Training over Skype.

Customer feedback and LinkedIn Training video testimonials

Testimonial from Bob Kennedy of Mynt Media

Testimonial from Elaine Browne – award winning project manager

Testimonial from Andy Clarke of HuHo Consulting

Testimonial from Helen Woodcock – Business Development at KETL

Testimonial from Clare Davis of Nova Associates

Testimonial from Mike Wills

Testimonial from William Montgomery of AskTen Executive Mentoring

LinkedIn Company Page Rewrite – Creating your Business Profile within LinkedIn

Wurlwind Social Selling - LinkedIn Company PageEvery business, even sole traders, should have a LinkedIn Company Page.

For smaller businesses it might be rather like the advert in the Yellow Pages – create it and (almost) forget about it.
Except that once it’s set up it’s essentially no further cost, unlike Yellow Pages or other Advertising Costs.

  • It’s a way to Showcase your business and be found for keywords

And it’s one of many ways to generate inquiries through LinkedIn

For medium sized businesses with several employees there are several benefits:

  • It’s a great way to showcase your team and their combined strength
  • Share content from your business that Page Followers can see to increase engagement
  • Share content that can be found by others to increase the likelihood of inquiries
  • Share content that can be Shared by staff, customers and others, to increase your visibility to new audiences.

For larger businesses with more resources can develop the LinkedIn Company page into the heart of their Customer Community, to increase loyalty, encourage advocacy, and attract new inquiries.

LinkedIn Company Page Service Package from Wurlwind

The service package we offer to set up a LinkedIn company page covers:

  •  Create the LinkedIn Company Page in Your Company name
  •  Write your Company Overview using keywords researched for your business.
  •  Add graphics supplied by you (we’ll supply the specifications)
  •  Advice on how to associate staff with the profile
  •  Advice on how to generate followers
  •  Advice on posting Status Updates to the page.

The cost of the service varies, depending essentially on how many stakeholders are involved eg:

The guideline cost of the service is £249

  • For sole proprietors there may be scope to reduce the cost.
  • For medium and larger businesses there may be additional work, and costs, involved.

When you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on your Website, don’t underestimate the potential of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Having, and developing, the Page within the LinkedIn Community can pay huge dividends.

If you’d like to discuss how a LinkedIn Company Page could benefit your business, or if you have a page already but it’s in need of a refresh and a new strategy, please contact me, Mark Stonham, by email here.

Social Selling Training – Foundation Course

Social Selling Foundation TrainingDeveloping new and stronger relationships with buyers using Social Networks (particularly LinkedIn) is the heart of Social Selling.

If you run a business or a sales team and you want to get yourself and your team up to speed with Social Selling then this half-day course is designed for you.

You and your team will learn how Social Selling can help you to create more sales opportunities and win more sales, and how to go about it.

This course covers specific Social Selling strategies, techniques and tactics to find and build stronger sales relationships, generate leads and referrals and increase customer loyalty and advocacy.

Target Audience:

The half-day course is designed to be run in-house on client premises with 4-6 attendees from one company.

It is ideal for a team comprising the business owners and/or sales director, sales professionals and marketing support people.

Social Selling Training Course Objectives and Outcomes

The benefits to individual attendees are:

  • clarity about why and how to develop your individual Social Selling approach.
  • how to find and use resources from elsewhere to increase your value add to clients and prospects.

The benefits to the company are:

  • clarity about how to develop Social Selling as a team to increase sales.
  • identification of new campaigns for lead generation and customer appreciation.
  • what support to provide to sales professionals to enhance their productivity and effectiveness.

Social Selling Training Foundation – Topics covered:

Introduction to Social Selling – the new Relationship Selling model

  • What is Social Selling, and why it has evolved in response to changing buyer behaviour.
  • Who are the pioneers of Social Selling and what results have they achieved so far.
  • The three pillars of successful Social Selling

Personal Branding for Sales

  • Why your expertise and customer value proposition matters.
  • Beyond a Professional LinkedIn Profile – how to make it engaging.
  • The value of keywords so you get found by potential buyers.
  • Trigger events and how to engage with potential customers.
  • Social Proof that makes you a peer of your target contact.
  • Strategies to develop your Personal Brand in LinkedIn.
  • The value of being a Sales Challenger.

Making Connections and building sales relationships

  • Why your network matters – and how to build strong foundations.
  • Why the networks of your colleagues matter too, and how to leverage them.
  • How to organise your contacts in LinkedIn using TAGs, and how to use them.
  • Search strategies to find people and how to engage and make new connections.
  • Finding Companies and strategies to drill down to find useful connections.
  • Strategies to leverage LinkedIn Groups to build a lead list and engage.
  • How to find shared interests and topics in order to start conversations with people.
  • How to use LinkedIn to prepare for Meetings, Presentations and Proposals.
  • How to keep top-of-mind with your LinkedIn connections.
  • How to develop a referral network for introductions.
  • Ways to ‘pay it forward’ with prospects and introducers.
  • How to leverage third party content sources.
  • How to leverage content created by your company.

Social Selling Support Resources to you’ll find useful

  • Your LinkedIn Company Page.
  • Thought Leadership Content to support Campaigns.
  • Apps and Tools for social productivity and insight  eg. Hootsuite
  • Apps and Tools for the Sales Funnel  eg. CRM, Email Marketing, Website etc.

Course Pre-requisites

  • Sales professionals attending this course should already be familiar with the LinkedIn Foundation course topics.
  • Senior managers and marketing support should be familiar with LinkedIn.

NB. This course covers intermediate and advanced sales strategies using LinkedIn and other Social Networks. Some preparatory work may be appropriate to get some people up to a level where they and the team can cover the topics at speed. Alternatively the course content can be customised and covered over a number of sessions.

Course Costs

The Social Selling Training Foundation Course for up to 6 attendees is £595.

*This includes a brief review of the LinkedIn profiles of attendees, the LinkedIn Company Page and Website Resources.

**Additional costs for travel, room hire and customisation may apply.


Our Social Selling Review and Action Plan is strongly recommended as a pre-requisite in order to tailor the content accordingly.

Our LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Service is strongly recommended for senior people to provide a strong example and sales leadership for the team.


How to arrange a Social Selling Foundation Course

If you would like further information or to discuss specific LinkedIn Training needs please contact me, Mark Stonham, and let’s schedule a call.

LinkedIn Training – Foundation Course

LinkedIn Training Foundation CourseUsing LinkedIn as a team is far more beneficial than just using it as an individual.

If you run a business and want to get yourself and your team up to speed about LinkedIn (and you are based in the South West of the UK), then this half-day course is designed for you.

It will help you and your team to understand how LinkedIn can help you grow as a business. It will help you to create an action plan to develop the profiles, skills and networks that will underpin more specific activities, such as customer appreciation and lead generation campaigns.

Target Audience:

The half-day course is designed to be run in-house on client premises with 6-10 attendees from one company. It is suitable for people in all roles, including owners and directors, managers, sales, marketing, fee earners, customer services, administration and more.

LinkedIn Training Course Objectives and Outcomes

The benefits to individual attendees are:

  • clarity about why and how to use LinkedIn as a professional individual.
  • tips on how to use LinkedIn to help the business you work for to be more successful.

The benefits to the company are:

  • Clarity about how to use LinkedIn as a business team for the benefit of the business.
  • Convergence and alignment of strategy, techniques and tactics around the team.
  • How to create the foundation for more specific activities by different functions.

LinkedIn Training Foundation Topics covered:

Introduction to LinkedIn – the premier Professional Network

  • Highlights of the potential benefits available through LinkedIn

Creating a strong Professional Profile and Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  • Why it matters to have a strong professional profile on LinkedIn
  • What does a good professional profile look like?
  • How to find industry leaders and role models to learn from.
  • Why it’s better to be a specialist, and how to show that you are one.
  • What contact details should be add, and how to add them?
  • What to include in the LinkedIn Summary section cover.
  • How to add and organise skills and endorsements.
  • How to describe your roles and experience to make an impact.
  • The best ways to develop your personal brand over time.

Making Connections and building your Network of Contacts

  • Why you should connect with Colleagues on LinkedIn.
  • How to connect with colleagues really fast.
  • Why you should connect with your Customers on LinkedIn.
  • How to connect with your Customers on LinkedIn.
  • Who else should you invite to connect in LinkedIn?
  • How to Organise your Connections in LinkedIn
  • How to keep in touch with people you know in LinkedIn

How to support your company and colleagues in LinkedIn

  • Easy ways for staff to raise the profile of the company
  • How to avoid damaging the reputation of the company

Course Pre-requisites

  • This course is designed for people and teams with little or no knowledge or presence on LinkedIn.

Course Costs

The training element for the standard LinkedIn Training Foundation Course for up to 10 attendees is £495.

*Additional costs for travel, room hire and customisation may apply.

How to arrange a LinkedIn Foundation Course

If you would like further information or to discuss specific LinkedIn Training needs please contact me, Mark Stonham, and let’s schedule a call.