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The Brand Triangle – three elements for better lead generation and sales success

What does it take for people to buy our products and services – and why does the brand triangle help us with lead generation and sales conversion? They are effectively buying a promise that they will receive a benefit. Buyers need to have a lot of trust, especially for larger, complex and mission-critical purchases. We see that trust is […]

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Social Selling Matrix – the Business Development Blueprint for Consultants

Many people have an official or unofficial role as a consultant. They are Trusted Advisors who make recommendations based on their knowledge and assessment of a particular situation. Medical Consultants are a great example. They assess complex situations. They also educate and advise their less experienced colleagues. In Business most disciplines and functions have people […]

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LinkedIn for Sales and Marketing and Business

LinkedIn logo - business people use LinkedIn for many purposesIt’s amazing what people can use LinkedIn for. Some use LinkedIn as a contacts directory to look people up. Some use LinkedIn for market research and for news. Others use LinkedIn for recruitment, either to find a job, or to find candidates. But increasingly people are using LinkedIn for Sales, and to improve their sales result. And as more people join LinkedIn and use it more so the potential is increasing, for those who know how to work LinkedIn effectively to help them to work smarter and get greater results in less time.

People use LinkedIn for Business, and business related contact and activities, in many ways. For sure, business is about relationships, and there is a social element as people get to know, like and trust one another, as the foundation for a commercial arrangement. Where people live, where they went to college and university, which subjects they majored in, any sporting or artistic achievements they have. which community groups they may support. All these aspects help to build up a profile and enable areas on common interest to be found quickly.

The breadth of functionality of LinkedIn is creating new opportunities, and smart people and companies will capitalise on them.

LinkedIn for Sales, and supporting the sales process

In the business to business markets it is the customer facing sales people who stand to gain the most from LinkedIn. Being able to identify and target potential customers and clients with greater accuracy, researching people and businesses prior to a phone call or meeting, and seeing who is connected to who are just some of the tasks sales people use LinkedIn for.

Increasing the quality of client contact time, through better preparation, and reducing the elapsed time from initial thought to first contact and ways LinkedIn can help. For others in sales there are more advanced strategies available, particularly around being alerted to Trigger Event happening in the lives of companies and decision-makers, and responding to them quicker that competitors.

LinkedIn is a powerful way for a sales person to build their own market position, based on their expertise and knowledge. A strong LinkedIn profile, and contributions into key groups are just the start of ways a sales person can create a strong sales platform, to open doors of senior executives and set-up significant meetings and opportunities.

LinkedIn for Marketing, and for lead generation

Raising awareness for your company and it’s products and services, researching suitable companies and people to target with marketing campaigns, advertising through LinkedIn, and generating traffic to the company website are just some of the areas that marketing can use LinkedIn for.

Creating a customer community within LinkedIn is an advanced strategy that develops from testimonials and endorsements. Just imagine how powerful it would be if your best customers were sharing good news and tips about your products and services and the service they received from you. The LinkedIn network facilitates this, for businesses who want to develop down this route, and build a long-term advantage.

LinkedIn for Business, and gaining a commercial benefit

Although the cost of using LinkedIn is free or relatively cheap, it is the time aspect that most people are concerned about. For sure there is a learning curve. There is also set-up time. And then the big one which is ongoing activity, and responding, and being ‘conversational’ and building relationships.

Trial and error, and using only basic techniques, are the ingredients for a low level of results for the time involved. A better return on effort will be achieved through an injection of skills and guidance on effective tactics, techniques and strategies.

LinkedIn for Businesses, of many different types

There are very few businesses who cannot benefit from LinkedIn in one way or another. For some businesses there may be social media alternatives that are more attractive, as part of their digital marketing mix. But where there is a business to business market plan then LinkedIn has much to offer, especially for companies and firms in the following sectors.

  • LinkedIn for Technology Businesses – finding, engaging and building relationships with customers, distributors, suppliers etc, often outside the immediate geography, is where  LinkedIn is really strong.
  • LinkedIn for Professional Services – business support, office services, HR, and a wealth of other service providers can benefit from LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn for Lawyers – commercial law is a rich seam for LinkedIn, especially for company changes and larger projects
  • LinkedIn for Accountants – being able to provide advice on many topics and a network of good connection give accountant and edge.
  • LinkedIn for Financial Services – to market to high-net-worth individuals, business owners, employees,
  • LinkedIn for Marketing Agencies – branding, communications, web design, PR are just a few of the agencies who benefit from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn for Not-for-Profit and other Organisations

There are many functions and things that not-for-profit, charities, associations and others in the ‘third’ sector can use LinkedIn for.

  • LinkedIn for Charities – finding donors and sponsors, volunteers and patrons
  • LinkedIn for Education – finding funding, governors and tutors, and helping students to find placements and jobs

LinkedIn for Relationships

The core service from LinkedIn can be likened to the telephone service. There is a directory of users. And users can communicate one with another. Different people use the phone system in different ways, to achieve what they want to. Likewise with LinkedIn there ae many different ways it can be used.

Take a look around the Wurlwind website, enter your details below, or call us to find out more ideas about what you can use LinkedIn for.