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In order to get sales and business development results from LinkedIn we need a relationship strategy. The tips here are designed to help specialists and leaders to use their time on LinkedIn wisely to build effective relationships.

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LinkedIn Lead Generation – 7 Strategies for Social Selling

If you sell to other businesses and want to increase sales and grow your business you’ll want to find out all about these Seven LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies.Using LinkedIn for lead generation, business development, marketing, selling and customer loyalty processes is incredibly beneficial. By connecting with your clients you’re a huge step closer to your […]

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Get your LinkedIn SSI – and then Improve your Social Selling results

LinkedIn SSI how to use and improve Lead Generation Mark Stonham Wurlwind LinkedWin

The LinkedIn SSI is a very useful guide that indicates which areas or activities we should tackle, and where we should allocate more time, to improve our Social Selling and sales results.

I view it in a similar way to the dashboard of a car.

  • For those who want to drive better the dashboard is  a useful tool – and so is the LinkedIn SSI.
  • However the dashboard won’t make us a safer driver or get us  to our destination on its own – that’s down to our planning and skills. Likewise with LinkedIn – without clear goals and a route the SSI won’t be a huge benefit.

Read on to find out how to get your SSI, how to interpret it, and how to improve it, and consequently improve your social selling and sales results.

Get your LinkedIn SSI here

Every LinkedIn user can now access the LinkedIn Social Selling Index.

Get your Personal Social Selling Index score here…

The value is not just the overall score, but the score in each of the 4 areas.

Check out the trend line too. Is it stable, rising, or falling?

What does the LinkedIn SSI show us?

Here’s my SSI graph from May 2019.

Mark Stonham LinkedIn SSI

So, this tells me I have a little more to do to improve on my profile, and I should find and connect with more people and post and comment more. Very useful guidance I feel.

What’s your score, and the section numbers? And the trend?

What do you need to improve?

How can you improve your Social Selling?

If you’d like help understanding your SSI and what to do to improve your Social Selling, lead generation and sales results then…

  • drop me an email, to,
  • or schedule a call with me – just click the image below and choose a time.

Mark Stonham Wurlwind Discovery Call

Or read on for more advice and tips.

What the LinkedIn SSI tells us.

The LinkedIn SSI algorithm is not published but the following is what I’ve deduced, based on written information and practical experience, having reviewed the SSI of many clients.

  • Professional Brand is essentially our profile. LinkedIn would like us to have a complete profile. And our profile is our foundation that we build on.
  • Find the right people relates to our use of Search and inviting people to connect, and accepting connection requests.
  • Engage with insight is posting, sharing, commenting.
  • Build relationships is primarily our use of LinkedIn messaging.

Tackling weaker areas is a quick way not only to raise the SSI score but also to improve our sales results, by leveraging the power and capability of the LinkedIn platform and network.

Tips to improve your LinkedIn SSI

Improving your LinkedIn SSI is a stepping stone to improving the results you get from LinkedIn and Social Selling.

  • If you’re relatively new to LinkedIn or inexperienced the SSI provides a valuable roadmap for what to do to get better at using LinkedIn in a sales context
  • For people at intermediate level with LinkedIn then the SSI will highlight areas to focus on to improve your skills, while maintaining other areas
  • For those who are LinkedIn Masters or Power users you may well have developed your own Linkedin and Social Selling techniques that work for you and your role and territory and which add a level of refinement and go beyond the LinkedIn SSI.

Are you now wondering what this means, and how you can improve your score?

My first tip is to diarise a time to run the SSI on a weekly basis. Any more often that this and it will be a distraction. Any less than this and you may have forgotten what you did that affected the score.

What did your LinkedIn SSI score tell you about your Social Selling profile?

Set a realistic LinkedIn SSI target to aim for

My second tip is to be realistic about your expectations for your ‘score’. Remember, your sales priority is to make your sales target, not to go chasing an unreasonably high SSI number.
  • If you’re new to Linkedin or a casual user then a score below 50 is to be expected. Reaching 50 may be a good goal to aim for.
  • For people who use LinkedIn regularly, say a few times a week, and you have a sales role as an account manager, then a score between 60-80 will be quite respectable.
  • For those who use LinkedIn all the time, as a new business sales person, lead generator, business development or similar, then a score of over 80 or even over 90 is well within reach.

Pick the lowest scoring area and aim to tackle that over the next week or two. The tips below are designed to help you focus on meaningful changes.

Specific tips to help you improve each SSI area

Improve your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re not scoring 20+ then this is worth improving as a priority.

  • Update the Skills section as a priority – and focus on those of high value to customers / clients
  • Add more sections to your profile – education, qualifications, publications etc.
  • Improve the quality and quantity of text in you profile. Add a good summary and descriptions for each role in your experience section.
  • Update your contact details section with website links etc.

Tip: Focus on customer benefits and value, with proof from previous projects.

Improve your LinkedIn Connection Network

If you’re building your network (to 500+, 1000+ or beyond) then aim for a score of 20+

  • Connect with current and previous clients.
  • Find and connect with role models and leaders in your field
  • Connect with business partners who you collaborate with, or find potential new partners and connect with them.

Tip: Be pro-active about inviting people who meet your ‘ideal client’ profile.

Improve your Engagement on LinkedIn

This is primarily an indication of how regularly you share content, so aim for 10+ if you’re starting out and 15+ or 20+ to really increase your visibility.

  • Ideally post something meaningful and on-brand every day. This builds up your previous history if/when people look at your profile and activity, and give connections an opportunity to Like or Comment.
  • Comment on posts by leaders in your field.
  • Comment on posts by clients,, prospects, partners etc.

Tip: Be positive. Be on-brand. Be brief.

Improve your Sales Relationships using LinkedIn

This indicates how much you interact with contact, so aim for 10+ if you’re starting out, and 20+ as you use LinkedIn Messaging as an additional tool alongside email for short, ad-hoc messages.

  • Look for opportunities to message people. Thank them for meeting, or talking, or advice.
  • Send them a link to a relevant article etc. URLs can be included in LinkedIn messages.
  • Keep the message short. 3 short sentences max. ie. Intro/context. Main substance. Call to action/next step.

Tip – short messages sent via LinkedIn Messaging can get a better response than an equivalent email, which may get buried in a busy in-box.

How can I help?

If you’d like help understanding your SSI and what to do to improve your Social Selling, lead generation and sales results then…

  • drop me an email, to,
  • or schedule a call with me – just click the image below and choose a time.

Mark Stonham Wurlwind Discovery Call

Nimble CRM Support from Wurlwind

Nimble CRM Support - Helping you juggle sales activity successfullyGood CRM support for sales and marketing can increase productivity, lead generation, sales conversions and customer service.

But it is a challenge to find the right system from the thousands available. It takes more time than we imagine to go through the evaluation and selection. And then getting used to a new system, a different way of working, and then taking full advantage of all the functions available, is where good CRM support really makes a difference.

To make it easier for you to make an assessment of one of the leading systems available here is the support we provide for the Nimble CRM system. Our goal is to help you to identify what’s going to increase your sales productivity and effectiveness, to decide whether Nimble is a good fit for your business, and if so then to implement it quickly and start gaining benefits very soon.

We’ve been using Nimble since 2010, from before it was launched. And, to be up-front, we’re also been a reseller for the system since the early days, so we earn a few dollars if you go through and take a licence.

However, with CRM costs being so low, and people taking a DIY approach to implementation, we do need to charge for consultancy, advice and training.
Wurlwind - Nimble CRM Solution Partner
We’ve aligned our support to the three main CRM selection phases and developed and offer support materials and telephone/skype contact to help people like you to reach a good decision, to save time, and then gain benefits quickly to grow your business.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you in future too.


1. Nimble CRM Support for the Consideration phase

If you’re a Consultant, Business Owner, or solopreneur involved with customer and prospect contact then at some stage you’ll benefit from a structured sales process and a CRM system to support that process. Nimble is incredibly good in this solo environment, and also for small teams.

a) Read our Nimble CRM Review here.

It’s a subtle distinction but we see Nimble as very good for sales led activity. Some CRMs are essentially marketing databases with a token sales front-end. Nimble is excellent at supporting sales led activity with sufficient database marketing built behind it.

Read our Nimble CRM Review here

b) CRM Selection Guidance Calls

If you’d like to have a chat about Nimble, or CRM for small business or Sales Process requirements then book a call with us. Because of the economics of CRM for small business we do need to charge for this.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss your CRM requirement

It’s tempting to be attracted and entranced by ‘shiny objects’, and there are some very attractive point solutions (single task) applications available in the CRM sector. Choosing a solid benchmark system and evaluating others against it saves time and emotion. Nimble CRM is a very capable benchmark that takes some beating.

2. Nimble CRM Support for the 14 day trial phase

If you’ve short-listed Nimble CRM then then next stage is to undertake a more detailed evaluation. There is a 14 day free trial available for this very purpose. Click on the clink below to access the registration page, and this will carry with it our affiliate code.

Sign-up for your 14 day Free Trial of Nimble here

a) The Nimble Evaluation Guide.

To help you make the most of the trial we’ve prepared a Nimble Evaluation Guide. This provides more information about positioning and functionality and potential show-stoppers to look out for. There is also advice about how to get organised for the evaluation and suggestions for sales processes to consider, in order to gain real benefit from a new CRM, whether that’s Nimble or not.

Request your copy of our Nimble CRM Evaluation Guide
– email

b) Telephone support for Nimble Evaluation.

If you’d like to have a chat about Nimble, before, during or after the evaluation then book a call below. This is a chargeable support activity.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss
your Nimble CRM Evaluation questions

Perfection comes at a price – in terms of money and time – and with packaged CRMs some compromise is needed to adjust ones business to the software. Being clear about MUST HAVE, NICE TO HAVE and IRRELEVANT is very important when evaluating packages. In business there are advantages of making a good decision and making progress. This particularly applies to CRM systems.

3. Nimble CRM Support for Implementation

If you’ve decided to go ahead and commit to using Nimble CRM then congratulations. Achieving a rapid implementation leads to early benefits realisation and we can help you focus your efforts.

  • If you don’t have a CRM already getting started with Nimble is relatively straight forward. The challenge however is to actually use the system rather than the manual processes you currently use.
  • If you already have a CRM then migration across, (or co-existing), is needed. We can help you review processes and make recommendations for an approach.

To assist you with implementation we’ve prepared a guide and we can provide telephone support. Nimble themselves are also available to provide support.

a) Nimble CRM Support – Implementation Guide

When implementing a new CRM system there are many things to think about. This guide will help you to identify and prioritise them. In particular it will highlight data structures and codes to set up so that you can make progress with a high degree of confidence that the fundamentals have been set up.

Request your copy of our Nimble CRM Implementation Guide
– email

b) Telephone support for Nimble Implementation.

When tackling a new task such as a CRM implementation it’s really reassuring to be able to talk through the plan and have questions answered by an experienced specialist. To facilitate this I’m available for questions on a prearranged basis. Please book an implementation consultation with me below. This is a chargeable service, but it will save to time overall, and help you achieve results quicker.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss
your Nimble CRM implementation questions

A capable CRM that is well matched to the sales, marketing and business process is a joy to use. An ill-fitting CRM that is awkward to use will be ignored. It’s also about the journey – and who is leading the CRM development. Jon Ferrara, the CEO of Nimble, is at heart a salesman and a visionary. As sales changes with Social Selling it’s reassuring to have a wise and experienced pilot or captain in charge of the ship. 

And I’d be delighted if you’d consider me to be the co-pilot – guiding you through your sales, linkedin, systems and entrepreneurial journey.
Please let me know how best I can help you.

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