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In the digital age there are many benefits to using technology, apps and tools to enable us to gather and manage information, manage our time and prioritise activities, and execute by some form of communication. This section contains tips about apps and tools to increase productivity and effectiveness.

LinkedIn Lead Generation and Social Selling Apps and Tools

Apps for Social Selling

LinkedIn provides many functions that support networking, but there are also a number of Social Selling Apps that increase sales productivity. However, the picture is changing as LinkedIn is being cautious about which Apps can access its platform and data through the API. There are many areas where LinkedIn is good, such as: Who viewed […]

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WordPress Website Framework – WooThemes and Alternatives

If you are evaluating technology platforms and content management systems (CMS) for your business website you may have come across WordPress, WordPress Themes and WordPress Website Framework. For non-technical people this can be confusing, so I hope this article provides some clarification about options and alternatives. Very briefly, a WordPress Theme is the essentially a […]

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What’s my favourite CRM?

A LinkedIn discussion today asked “What’s your favourite CRM, and why?” I thought this was a great question, since it invites personal opinion with rationale to support it, rather than asking for ‘best’ or ‘recommendations’. What is ‘best’ for one personal or business and their situation and needs may not be right for another person […]

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Email Marketing Automation – what should you look for in a system?

For most small businesses an email marketing system that provides broadcast capability meets their marketing and customer contact requirements in the email area. However, for slightly larger businesses, or those who can justify investment of resources into a more sophisticated email marketing campaigns, it is worthwhile considering an email marketing automation system. As a rough […]

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What to look for when choosing a CRM or Contact Management System

There are a bewildering array of applications in the Customer Relationship Management CRM and Contact Management System category. Recent discussions with a prospect highlighted to me that the CRM selection processes that small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and autonomous sales people are faced with is very similar to the selection process that much larger companies go […]

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3 Marketing lessons from Elections

Elections for Mayor of Bristol and President of the USA on are created a huge amount of media attention. Behind the scenes, I hear that Barack Obama has a very sophisticated communications campaign in place, not just to win votes but also for fund-raising. Locally in Bristol I have had some input into the campaign of […]

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