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Being clear about who our Ideal Client is enables us to look for them, to educate our referral partners and to engage with the right people when the find us. Here are tips to help you improve in this area.

5 types of people to connect with

LinkedIn Contacts Network – FIVE types of people we MUST have in our network

Our LinkedIn Contacts Network is the second pillar of Linkedin, after our personal profile. These are our 1st connections. The people we have most contact with through LinkedIn. And it is like having our address book on LinkedIn. But it’s so much more than that. Linkedin notifies us about (some of) the content they create […]

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LinkedIn Lead Generation Target Account Marketing Image Mark Stonham Wurlwind

Key Account Sales – developing multiple relationships using LinkedIn

Key Account Sales, Account-Based Marketing, Target Accounts, and other terms are used when selling to larger organisations. Deal values are usually larger, deals are complex, and usually involve several decision-makers. Starting and developing multiple sales relationships per company is an essential part of the process.  And this is where LinkedIn is very powerful. It helps […]

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An easy way to Connect with People you know on LinkedIn

Have you been able to connect with people you know on Linkedin yet? Have you been systematic about connecting? Connecting with people you know and do business with on LinkedIn has many benefits. But are you thoroughly connected to everyone you know? Unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t provide an easy ‘100%’ tool for connections, as it does […]

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Social Media for Business – shocking statistics about B2B buyers

If you think Social Media is for youngsters and consumer brands this compilation of statistics about social media for business will open your eyes. It shows that business buyers are using online sources, searches, forums, social networks and more as a matter of course these days. And business buyers increasingly expect companies they want to […]

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10 ways to improve your market segmentation and lead definition

Market segmentation underpins your business success. Identifying which customers you want to serve leads into creating value propositions that meet their needs and communicating your value clearly to them. Improving your segmentation will help to increase your conversion rates, reduce wastage of time and expenses and improve your sales and return on investment. With online […]

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