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Working out who we are, and our value to clients is key to effective use of LinkedIn and Social Selling. We need to be seen as a specialist, not a generalist. For some they also need to be seen as a leader – to advise clients, to lead change and transformation, and to lead teams, companies and organisations. This section includes ideas and tips to help you develop your identity, and communicate it through LinkedIn.

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The Brand Triangle – three elements for better lead generation and sales success

What does it take for people to buy our products and services – and why does the brand triangle help us with lead generation and sales conversion? They are effectively buying a promise that they will receive a benefit. Buyers need to have a lot of trust, especially for larger, complex and mission-critical purchases. We see that trust is […]

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Article Marketing – how to generate leads with articles in LinkedIn

The Internet has allowed everyone to become a publisher, including on LinkedIn, but it needs some smart article marketing techniques to stand out, get read, and convert readers into leads. LinkedIn Article Marketing Challenges There are many challenges when it comes to achieving a reasonable return when publishing articles in LinkedIn, including: Not all of […]

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