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There’s a lot of debate about whether the Sales Funnel is dead, whether it’s gone sideways, or has become a buying funnel. Here are various articles on the Sales Funnel topic that I hope you find helpful.

5 tips to help you grow your business

Keeping things simple, and tidy, can be a very effective strategy to grow your business. For those of us in business development, sales and marketing, we need to stay current, with the market, with clients, and with our value service. Clutter gets in the way! It distracts us. And it can confuse prospects. Time spent […]

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What’s my favourite CRM?

A LinkedIn discussion today asked “What’s your favourite CRM, and why?” I thought this was a great question, since it invites personal opinion with rationale to support it, rather than asking for ‘best’ or ‘recommendations’. What is ‘best’ for one personal or business and their situation and needs may not be right for another person […]

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What to look for when choosing a CRM or Contact Management System

There are a bewildering array of applications in the Customer Relationship Management CRM and Contact Management System category. Recent discussions with a prospect highlighted to me that the CRM selection processes that small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and autonomous sales people are faced with is very similar to the selection process that much larger companies go […]

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An easy way to Connect with People you know on LinkedIn

Have you been able to connect with people you know on Linkedin yet? Have you been systematic about connecting? Connecting with people you know and do business with on LinkedIn has many benefits. But are you thoroughly connected to everyone you know? Unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t provide an easy ‘100%’ tool for connections, as it does […]

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