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Goals and Strategies go hand in hand – as part of top-level planning. So these LinkedIn and Social Selling strategies provide some high-level ideas to help specialists and leaders to get more from LinkedIn.

Get started with LinkedIn Lead Generation 4 Step 4 Week Plan Mark Stonham Wurlwind LinkedWin

Get Started with LinkedIn and Social Selling – with this 4 step 4 week plan!

If you’re looking for guidance on how to get started with LinkedIn and Social Selling, here is a basic plan to help you develop your foundation activities. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, sales person or consultant these steps are designed for you, so you can get started with LinkedIn and see results quickly. […]

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Social Selling – what lies behind the name plus 5 steps to start

Social Selling, or Social Sales, are new phrases emerging from the sequence that includes Social Media and Social Business. So, what do you think Social Selling is? a) a fancy new phrase that means ‘reputation’? b) an online equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ – ‘word of mouse’? c) having a profile page and posting comments […]

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Social Business – several multi-dimensional changes intertwined

Gerhard Gschwandtner posted a very thought provoking post about Social Business on his blog at Sales Power Blog and I added my comment, which I wanted to also post here on my own website. The whole topic of Social Business brings in so many dimensions, it makes CRM seem straight-forward in comparison, and there was significant […]

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