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Knowing what we want to achieve is essential if we are to use our time wisely. And using LinkedIn this is certainly true. This section includes articles on Goals relating to Purpose, Position, Sales, Assets and Learning. By considering all 5 we can ensure a positive result from everything we do.

5 tips to help you grow your business

Keeping things simple, and tidy, can be a very effective strategy to grow your business. For those of us in business development, sales and marketing, we need to stay current, with the market, with clients, and with our value service. Clutter gets in the way! It distracts us. And it can confuse prospects. Time spent […]

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Social Selling Matrix – the Business Development Blueprint for Consultants

Many people have an official or unofficial role as a consultant. They are Trusted Advisors who make recommendations based on their knowledge and assessment of a particular situation. Medical Consultants are a great example. They assess complex situations. They also educate and advise their less experienced colleagues. In Business most disciplines and functions have people […]

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