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Nimble CRM Support from Wurlwind

Nimble CRM Support - Helping you juggle sales activity successfullyGood CRM support for sales and marketing can increase productivity, lead generation, sales conversions and customer service.

But it is a challenge to find the right system from the thousands available. It takes more time than we imagine to go through the evaluation and selection. And then getting used to a new system, a different way of working, and then taking full advantage of all the functions available, is where good CRM support really makes a difference.

To make it easier for you to make an assessment of one of the leading systems available here is the support we provide for the Nimble CRM system. Our goal is to help you to identify what’s going to increase your sales productivity and effectiveness, to decide whether Nimble is a good fit for your business, and if so then to implement it quickly and start gaining benefits very soon.

We’ve been using Nimble since 2010, from before it was launched. And, to be up-front, we’re also been a reseller for the system since the early days, so we earn a few dollars if you go through and take a licence.

However, with CRM costs being so low, and people taking a DIY approach to implementation, we do need to charge for consultancy, advice and training.
Wurlwind - Nimble CRM Solution Partner
We’ve aligned our support to the three main CRM selection phases and developed and offer support materials and telephone/skype contact to help people like you to reach a good decision, to save time, and then gain benefits quickly to grow your business.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you in future too.


1. Nimble CRM Support for the Consideration phase

If you’re a Consultant, Business Owner, or solopreneur involved with customer and prospect contact then at some stage you’ll benefit from a structured sales process and a CRM system to support that process. Nimble is incredibly good in this solo environment, and also for small teams.

a) Read our Nimble CRM Review here.

It’s a subtle distinction but we see Nimble as very good for sales led activity. Some CRMs are essentially marketing databases with a token sales front-end. Nimble is excellent at supporting sales led activity with sufficient database marketing built behind it.

Read our Nimble CRM Review here

b) CRM Selection Guidance Calls

If you’d like to have a chat about Nimble, or CRM for small business or Sales Process requirements then book a call with us. Because of the economics of CRM for small business we do need to charge for this.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss your CRM requirement

It’s tempting to be attracted and entranced by ‘shiny objects’, and there are some very attractive point solutions (single task) applications available in the CRM sector. Choosing a solid benchmark system and evaluating others against it saves time and emotion. Nimble CRM is a very capable benchmark that takes some beating.

2. Nimble CRM Support for the 14 day trial phase

If you’ve short-listed Nimble CRM then then next stage is to undertake a more detailed evaluation. There is a 14 day free trial available for this very purpose. Click on the clink below to access the registration page, and this will carry with it our affiliate code.

Sign-up for your 14 day Free Trial of Nimble here

a) The Nimble Evaluation Guide.

To help you make the most of the trial we’ve prepared a Nimble Evaluation Guide. This provides more information about positioning and functionality and potential show-stoppers to look out for. There is also advice about how to get organised for the evaluation and suggestions for sales processes to consider, in order to gain real benefit from a new CRM, whether that’s Nimble or not.

Request your copy of our Nimble CRM Evaluation Guide
– email

b) Telephone support for Nimble Evaluation.

If you’d like to have a chat about Nimble, before, during or after the evaluation then book a call below. This is a chargeable support activity.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss
your Nimble CRM Evaluation questions

Perfection comes at a price – in terms of money and time – and with packaged CRMs some compromise is needed to adjust ones business to the software. Being clear about MUST HAVE, NICE TO HAVE and IRRELEVANT is very important when evaluating packages. In business there are advantages of making a good decision and making progress. This particularly applies to CRM systems.

3. Nimble CRM Support for Implementation

If you’ve decided to go ahead and commit to using Nimble CRM then congratulations. Achieving a rapid implementation leads to early benefits realisation and we can help you focus your efforts.

  • If you don’t have a CRM already getting started with Nimble is relatively straight forward. The challenge however is to actually use the system rather than the manual processes you currently use.
  • If you already have a CRM then migration across, (or co-existing), is needed. We can help you review processes and make recommendations for an approach.

To assist you with implementation we’ve prepared a guide and we can provide telephone support. Nimble themselves are also available to provide support.

a) Nimble CRM Support – Implementation Guide

When implementing a new CRM system there are many things to think about. This guide will help you to identify and prioritise them. In particular it will highlight data structures and codes to set up so that you can make progress with a high degree of confidence that the fundamentals have been set up.

Request your copy of our Nimble CRM Implementation Guide
– email

b) Telephone support for Nimble Implementation.

When tackling a new task such as a CRM implementation it’s really reassuring to be able to talk through the plan and have questions answered by an experienced specialist. To facilitate this I’m available for questions on a prearranged basis. Please book an implementation consultation with me below. This is a chargeable service, but it will save to time overall, and help you achieve results quicker.

Schedule a call with Mark Stonham to discuss
your Nimble CRM implementation questions

A capable CRM that is well matched to the sales, marketing and business process is a joy to use. An ill-fitting CRM that is awkward to use will be ignored. It’s also about the journey – and who is leading the CRM development. Jon Ferrara, the CEO of Nimble, is at heart a salesman and a visionary. As sales changes with Social Selling it’s reassuring to have a wise and experienced pilot or captain in charge of the ship. 

And I’d be delighted if you’d consider me to be the co-pilot – guiding you through your sales, linkedin, systems and entrepreneurial journey.
Please let me know how best I can help you.

Nimble CRM Review – sales contact management for social selling

Wurlwind Nimble CRM Solution Partner

If you’d like to be more organised and productive in your sales activities this Nimble CRM Review could provide the answers you’re looking for.

Most sales tasks and processes in the modern, social selling environment require us to access multiple systems, usually via a web browser.

I know all too well that disconnected systems make this extremely frustrating, with copy and paste being the sticking plaster that patches over the huge cracks.

Consider just some of the tasks that sales people and business owners carry out every day, like:

  • reading, researching and replying to emails
  • checking Linkedin and maintaining relationships and communications there
  • checking Twitter and being conversational
  • adding ad-hoc contacts to the CRM
  • building a prospect list
  • working through the to-do list of sales tasks
  • progressing deals in the sales pipeline

Take a look and see how many Browser Tabs you have open right now. I’ll take a stab and say there’s at least SIX.

And below the surface this means your data about customers and communications and activities is in silos, residing in specific applications: in email, calendar, LinkedIn, Twitter, CRM, Google Drive and your list may well go on.

How Sales Productivity can be significantly improved

Here’s an outline of a CRM system I’ve been using for 5+ years to help me manage the selling side of my business.

This Nimble CRM review highlights key features of Nimble that I’m using, and the benefits I’m getting.

In particular I’d like to outline the Nimble Browser widget to you. This brings contact details and the ability to perform key sales tasks right into other applications. Read on as I walk you through a sequence of screens.

The Nimble Browser Widget in action with LinkedIn

Here is a scenario where Nimble provides great support when using LinkedIn.

1. Access Nimble while in a LinkedIn record

Having installed the Nimble Contacts Widget in your Browser (see below), highlight the name of the contact in LinkedIn and Right Click to open the options pop-up and select “A Nimble Search for [Contact Name]”.

Nimble CRM Jon Ferrara Open Nimble

2. View the Contact Record from Nimble while still in LinkedIn

If the Contact already has a record in Nimble this will be displayed in the pop-up. If no record is found there are prompts to create a record for that contact while still in the browser pop-up.

Nimble CRM Jon Ferrara Profile Sidebar

3. Perform Sales tasks while in the Browser pop-up

While still in the pop-up you can:

  • Send an Email to the contact
  • Add a Task
  • Add an Event
  • Add a Note
  • Add a Deal
  • Add a Touch Log
  • Enter Lead Details
  • And MUCH MORE…

This is a serious productivity gain when using LinkedIn for Prospecting and Sales activities.
Nimble CRM Jon Ferrara Sales Tasks
And the Nimble Contacts Browser Widget works in any browser based application, including Gmail, Email Marketing apps, Hootsuite and many more.

4. Open up the full contact record in Nimble

If there is a need to access the full contact record that is just a click away. The menu options within the record (at the bottom of the display) provide access to Pending and History Activities, Full Contact Info, Social Media, Quick Look-ups (Integration to other Apps) and Attachments (Google Drive or DropBox).

Nimble CRM Jon Ferrara Record Open


5. Building a Prospect List from a LinkedIn Search

This is where the REAL MAGIC of Nimble comes in.

Having refined a Search Results list in Nimble it’s a simple task to hover over the names of people in the Search Results List and the Nimble Browser Widget will Create a New Record Auto-magically, pre-populated with valuable data from Linkedin, and from other sources. Some manual additions may be required, but this is SO much more productive that creating records manually, or in EXCEL etc.

I use this regularly myself and it takes about 5 minutes to create a prospect list of 20 records this way, instead of say an hour manually, going through different social media, copying and pasting multiple fields across etc.

Nimble CRM Jon Ferrara Search Results


I hope you are getting a feel for how good the Nimble Contacts Widget is, and the amazing sales productivity achievable with it.


Who should consider Nimble CRM?

Nimble is ideal for people who have contact with prospects and customers in a sales and selling role, such as:

  • Self-employed business owners such as consultants,
  • Sales professionals and sales teams,

And also:

  • People struggling to manage multi-channel sales communications
  • People wanting a way to increase their relationship selling with more contacts without becoming overwhelmed.

Key areas of sales activity that Nimble CRM supports

  • Nimble excels in the One to One sales activity area, typical of larger complex sales
  • Nimble also excels in supporting the office based, lead generating, inside-sales person
  • Creating a record from an ad-hoc contact, eg. someone from a networking meeting or via LinkedIn
  • Adding Tasks and Notes during the course of contact activity during a sales relationship
  • Scheduling follow-up calls, meetings, tasks
  • Creating pipeline opportunities and managing and progressing them to a sale, and beyond
  • Social Media interactions especially via Twitter

Neat things about Nimble CRM

  • Auto-discovery of Social Profiles of people
  • Integration with multiple systems especially Gmail, Gcal and Twitter
  • Trigger event prompts – new in Version 3
  • Email Templates we can create and then access easily, personalise and send.
  • Email Broadcasts to small lists of contacts
  • The App Marketplace which includes an increasing number of third party apps

Related sales apps that Nimble CRM inter-operates with

  • The major Social Networks: – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Major Social Selling tools: Hootsuite, Rapportive,
  • Email marketing: Hubspot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and many more
  • Sales Apps: Quoteroller, Pipelinedeals, RightSignature, ContactMonkey and more
  • Interface software: Zapier, Import2,

The list is extremely long so check the Nimble Website and the Nimble Apps Marketplace

  • There is also a neat way to embed external web pages, which I use to integrate InTouch CRM with Nimble.

Nimble CRM review conclusions

If your contact with customers and prospects is increasingly through Social Media as well as traditional channels (face to face, phone, email etc) then

  • Nimble provides a really strong Sales Contact Management, Social Relationship Development and  Social Selling solution.
  • Nimble is a good benchmark to compare other Social Sales Management systems against.
  • Nimble has been architected to be a Social CRM, rather than having Social added to a traditional CRM, which is a significant strength.
  • Nimble is a rapidly maturing CRM system and I anticipate new innovations will be delivered regularly.
  • Nimble is the creation of Jon Ferrara who created Goldmine 25 years ago. Jon understands the needs of Sales people, and it shows in the Nimble CRM system.

Download the Browser Widget for free from your Browser Store, eg. for CHROME – DOWNLOAD HERE

NB. If you’d like Wurlwind as your Solution Partner then Select us in the Billings section.

Take a trial of Nimble for 14 days and see how you like it

Take Nimble for a Free 14 day trial – starting today

* Wurlwind is a Nimble Solution Partner.

Apps and Tools – to increase your Social Selling productivity and effectiveness

Wurlwind Social Selling - Apps and Tools Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was just ONE application that helped us to do everything across the marketing, sales and delivery cycle.

However, in the LinkedIn and Social Selling world there are many new innovations, and tools and apps coming out, claiming to help us be more productive and to achieve better results.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by technology, to feel that sometimes it’s difficult to live with technology, but also it’s more difficult to live without it too.  

As people go deeper into LinkedIn, and want more results from it, it becomes fairly clear that sales productivity could drop dramatically unless something is done about it.

And for some people this risks becoming a show-stopper, for them and for their sales team, and a reason to stick with ‘tried and tested’ sales methods.

So let me try to help you make some sense of the apps and technology side of LinkedIn and Social Selling.

Quick start tips

As we move beyond the basic use of LinkedIn for Sales there are some specific activities and tools that I’ve found to be very helpful:

  • For frequently used phrases and passages, like invite sends and accepts – a Text Expander such as Phrase Express.
  • For scheduling Updates into LinkedIn linking to blog articles and landing pages – a scheduler such as included in Hootsuite
  • For building prospect lists and contact records (and many other activities) – a Social CRM such as Nimble with its Browser Widget

The associated issue with multiple tools is where is the data, and how do you manage it – but that’s a topic for another article.

Tips for useful Apps and Tools to use with LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn Related  Apps and Tools for Personal Brand

The foundation of personal branding and attracting enquiries is creating and sharing great content that educates your prospects.

  • Schedule Updates that link to Evergreen content on your website using Hootsuite, Buffer or similar.
  • Create Engaging Images and Infographics using Powerpoint – with templates like these from Hubspot
  • Create lead generating presentations using Powerpoint and upload to your profile, or publish to Slideshare and use that URL
  • Record a Video using your smartphone, upload it to YouTube and add it as Media to your profile or include it in an Article

The tools for this are free and relatively easy to use. The real value is in the content and the message, and there are tips about educational content here.

2. LinkedIn Related Apps and Tools for Social Prospecting

Finding, reaching and connecting or messaging new contacts is the heart of social prospecting, and there are tools to help you here.

This is also where LinkedIn Sales Navigator fits in, providing more functionality to help LinkedIn power users to find prospects, build out company profiles and manage some sales activity.

  • Tools that do the leg-work to build profiles of contacts ‘auto-magically’ – like Nimble CRM
  • Tools that ‘visit’ peoples profiles on your behalf – like Autopilot and Dux Soup and eLink
  • Tools that send messages via LinkedIn on your behalf – again like Autopilot and Dux Soup and eLink.

Automation can be very beneficial when done appropriately. But be very careful it doesn’t run away from you, with dramatic consequences.

3. Sales Tools that support effective full cycle Social Selling

Now you’ve used LinkedIn to get visitors to ‘invite’ people to your sales landing pages, or built a list of contacts, what next? How can you nurture them?

  • Email messages within LinkedIn – this has been possible within LinkedIn, or there are third party programmes that do this through LinkedIn.
  • Email Marketing Automation – once you have the email address, and permission, you can continue the sales journey using email marketing, and tracking, and automation with packages such as InTouchCRM
  • A CRM to support your sales relationship building that incorporates multi-touch, multi-channel and multi-media communication, where Nimble CRM offers great capability at low cost
  • Additional Content – a website running on WordPress or equivalent is pretty essential as a repository for your valuable educational content especially when using a Sales Add-on such as OptimizePress
  • Analytics to monitor and measure activity and campaigns – such as Google Analytics

There are more sophisticated systems for larger companies, such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Sitecore and many more.

Download our Pocket Guide to Social Selling

If you haven’t already done so get a copy of our guide, which covers more LinkedIn Tips and introduces the Social Selling Matrix.

Apps for Social Selling

LinkedIn provides many functions that provide a good foundation for Social Selling, such as:

  • Who viewed my profile
  • Keep in Touch triggers for birthdays and anniversaries of your 1st level contact
  • Many sections on the Personal Profile that provide a rich canvas for Personal Branding
  • Visibility of who liked and commented on our Status Updates
  • Ability to TAG contacts into groups, to focus activity and also to send emails to small lists

However, there are several additional tools and apps for Social Selling that we use the increase productivity and results considerably.

Apps for Social Selling

There has been an explosion in the number and variety of apps for Social Selling recently

The following are particularly useful, based on our personal experience:

  • Hootsuite – for pre-scheduling content to be posted to LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Twitter and other Social Networks
  • Contact Monkey – for tracking opens and clicks for emails sent through Gmail
  • Nimble Social CRM – for managing relationships and sales activities in the Social Selling environment

Tools for Social Selling

Content is one of the most important tools you’ll need for Social Selling.

In particular you should be developing content for the following places:

  • Your personal LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • Your LinkedIn Company Page
  • LinkedIn Status Updates
  • Long-form posts on LinkedIn
  • Presentations on Slideshare

Take a look around the website for more insight and guidance about how to make the most of LinkedIn.




WordPress Website Framework – WooThemes and Alternatives

Wordpress_Image_WurlwindIf you are evaluating technology platforms and content management systems (CMS) for your business website you may have come across WordPress, WordPress Themes and WordPress Website Framework. For non-technical people this can be confusing, so I hope this article provides some clarification about options and alternatives.

Very briefly, a WordPress Theme is the essentially a pre-built layout and design for a website. There are many thousands of designs to choose from – some free and some you can buy. Since they are pre-built you can compare different layouts and colour schemes and choose one you like. Having done that you may have some options to make changes, but these may be limited.

When looking for a Theme you may find that you have the option to choose a Framework as a search parameter, or in the Theme comments it mentions the Framework it’s built on.

A WordPress website framework provides more options to change the website layout and design in a way that doesn’t require coding. This can be a real advantage for business owners who don’t want to write code but who do want some flexibility to update and extend their website without the need to keep going back to a website designer for minor changes.

When I started using WordPress and built the Wurlwind website initially in 2010 it took me a while to understand the options, my requirements and the different approaches.

I’ve been reviewing options and advising a client who needs a new website today. Having done the research I wanted to share what is essentially a list of resources and links, plus some brief comment. I hope you find this a useful resource and that it saves you some time.

WordPress Website Framework Alternatives

I’ll declare my hand up-front and say I chose WooThemes in 2011 and the Inspire Theme. I then moved the website across to the Canvas Theme in 2012. This review essentially confirms that this was a good choice, and it is the direction I’m steering my client towards.

Disclaimer: the following is a very brief summary and not a recommendation per se. Do your own research and decide what your requirements are and what option best meets your needs.

1. Woothemes 

Their headline is “Premium Themes, Plugins & ECommerce for WordPress”. This accurately reflects that they provide not just Themes, and an underlying framework, but also a range of Plug-ins and a market leading ecommerce application.

WooThemes offer 100+ premium themes plus some free ones, so there are lots of designs to choose from. Underlying them is the Woo Framework – you get access to it, you don’t buy it separately.

Canvas is the Flagship Theme from WooThemes so you get a powerful and flexible design and a great underlying platform. The current cost is $99

WooThemes ‘Applications’

Woo offers two substantial applications that provide great functionality.

Woo Commerce – this is a market-leading (10.8% market share) e-commerce application. It is not restricted to Woo Themes, and can be downloaded and used as a ‘Plug-in’ by other WordPress installations. It is available for Free!

  • Commerce Extensions – there is an extensive range of additional functionality, integrations etc. to compliment the Woo Commerce application and make it much quicker to create and extend an e-commerce website.

Sensei – Learning Management System – if you offer online training courses this is an awesome plug-in application through which to deliver your courses. It’s a premium plug-in, currently priced at $129


In addition WooThemes offer a range of Tools and extras such as:

Assessment of WooThemes


  • Extensive Commercial Apps Footprint – Woo Commerce and Sensei
  • Excellent support – they’ve gone above and beyond for me several times
  • Size – critical mass of team – which should provide security and developments
  • Community – you can find developer partners on the WooThemes site


  • Some reported slowness of support – some reported issues mid 2013 – may have been growth pains
  • Cumbersome support community – access, documentation etc – but it’s a vast product portfolio
  • Technical specialists may consider it has heavy-weight, bloated code due to the many extensions and functions

Looking beyond this summary, I have asked WooThemes about plans to become stronger in support of marketing and sales. Key additional areas I’m looking for are Membership, Landing Pages, Event Management. Their response has been neutral. However there are an increasing range of WordPress plug-ins available to cover these areas.

2. Headway

Their headline is “Drag and Drop Website Builder”. This lets you design your own site.

Pricing: Personal = $59, Business = $99, Developer = $199



  • Maybe less Out-of-the-box function than other framework/theme combinations
  • You need to build it yourself

3. Thesis 2 Framework

Billed as “the ultimate design and template manager for wordpress”


  • Skins – claims to make templates and themes easier than having parent & child theme relationships
  • Boxes – widgets
  • Site Tools –
  • Design focus – if that’s what you want

Pricing: Basic = $87, Basic + = $164, Pro = $197

4. Genesis 2 Framework

This is created and available from StudioPress, a division of Copyblogger.
This is essentially geared for Content Publishing – so if you and your business are Content Focused and post blog entries frequently this could be good for you.

They claim 96k users
Pricing: $59.95

5. Pagelines Framework 

This is positioned as a Design Management System – DMS – with a strong Design focus
Comments have been made that is is a heavy-weight page design system.
Pricing: 3 levels at $8, $16, $24 /month

6. Responsive Framework

This is a light-weight page design system
It is Free, as far as I can see
It has had over 1m downloads

NB. Other Frameworks are available….

In Conclusion

There is an aspect of ‘you get what you pay for’. A Theme may save you time, but then restrict your options. A framework may give you more flexibility but need a bit more set-up and carry some coding overhead. The other option is a bespoke design, which will almost certainly carry a much high price-tag and less flexibility.

If you’d like some guidance, beyond a question or two, we provide a Website Review and Action Plan service, especially for lead generation focused websites.


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AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting System Review

AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting Systems LogoWebinars and online meetings  are powerful events to add to marketing and sales campaigns.  For example you might build a lead generation campaign around a webinar about a specific issue, question or challenge that your target audience faces. Choosing a webinar and online meeting system can be a challenge as there are several available on the market.

Webex and GoToMeeting are the market leaders, however these can be expensive for smaller businesses. A system that I’ve identified and used successfully is AnyMeeting. This is an easy to use, fully featured webinar and online meeting system, available either Free or for a low monthly cost. Check out my short review below and see whether this meets your requirements, or gives you some ideas.

Key Features of the AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting System

Send Email Invitations

This is part of the meeting creation and set-up sequence, and ideal for inviting colleagues or business partners to smaller ‘internal meetings’. For marketing and lead generation you’d be better off using your email marketing system.

Create Custom Registration Forms

Create registration forms hosted by AnyMeeting and decide which fields and data you want to capture. This makes it really quick and easy to set up a campaign as you don’t need to update your website.

Sell Tickets to your Webinars

This has great potential, for example if you are running education sessions and want to charge customers or prospects. You can charge for live events and for access to recorded sessions that you promote afterwards.

Promote meetings on Twitter and Facebook

An easy way to announce that you’ve created an event and alert your followers or those who find the event via appropriate keywords and compelling copy.

Customize your AnyMeeting Public Profile

Add your logo and description to your profile when you’re on the chargeable level.

Meet with up to 200 participants

The FREE version allows 200 attendees but is ad supported. The first tier chargeable is currently $17.99 per month and allows 25 attendees, which is a workable number for many small businesses with a focused message for a segment of their audience. The next level is 200 attendees for $69.99 per month. If these levels suit your business profile and marketing campaign plans then read on.

Share Anything on your Screen

Decide whether to share a full screen or a window area within your screen. I find it best to run it from a laptop with a second monitor attached. I share the monitor display which runs the Powerpoint or Product demonstration, and I control the session, chat, polls etc. with the laptop screen.

Application Sharing

You can demonstrate online applications with AnyMeeting, so I can share LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite, Nimble and other Social Media and Social Selling apps with attendees.

Upload and Share Powerpoints and PDFs

You can show presentations in screen share mode, but for quicker responses you can also upload them and reduce the line traffic that might impact the performance speed of your online meeting.

Video Conferencing

This is useful for small meetings such as with business partners, customers and prospects where you want to go into detail and have an interactive online meeting. Consider this as an alternative to Google Hangout.

Integrated Conference calling

Maybe you don’t want a video or visual meeting and a telephone only meeting is sufficient or more practical, for instance if some attendees are on the road travelling.  AnyMeeting supports this so you don’t need to use other systems.

Record and Share Webinars and meetings later

You have the option to record your meetings and create an archive and then share and publicise them. Ideal if some people are unable to make the agreed webinar time-slot, or you make contact with someone subsequently and you want to highlight a particular webinar as it makes a relevant point for your sales campaign.

Interact with your Attendees

There are several ways to make the webinar interactive, such as the chat box and polls, which are great ways to maintain audience engagement and find out what their challenges are. Attendees like to see what others are responding with as well.

Attend from your Tablet

There are new developments which make AnyMeeting accessible from devices other than PCs.

Create Custom Polls, Surveys or Tests

These can be created for use during the online meeting or as part of the pre or post meeting interaction, such as a post meeting survey.

Review Meeting Reports

Attendance and attendee details are recorded and these are accessible after the meeting has finished, to support follow-up contact activity.

Email Attendees a Follow-up Message

Sending a follow-up email is really simple, and extends the value of the online meeting into a further discussion, to recap on key points, ask questions and move prospects through to the next stage of the sales process.

AnyMeeting Support and Community

When I have had questions about the AnyMeeting system the support has been very swift and helpful.

They also provide great advice and guidance to help people make the most of webinars and online meetings, through their blog.

The AnyMeeting organisation has been around for a few years now, although it has been through a name change and rebrand. It is reassuring that the company has a good track record and is not a start-up. They also have a realistic revenue model, so they can invest in infrastructure, support, and service quality.

Looking for a Webinar and Online Meeting System?

If you are looking for a webinar and online meeting system then

I recommend you take a look at AnyMeeting here – or just click the image below.

AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting Systems Logo

And if you need help with webinars and webinar based lead generation campaigns do drop us a line.


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