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Regular activity is part of developing relationships and a sales pipeline. This section includes tips on regular activity on and through Linkedin that aligns with the typical B2B sales process to develop Social Selling skills.

LinkedIn Daily Checklist

What does your LinkedIn daily checklist include? Visibility, relationships, business development, sales, productivity, all benefit from a regular and routine process. My underlying Goal is to create opportunities to PHONE 5 PEOPLE a day! An important goal is to turn online activity into phone calls – with prospect, with customers, with partners. It’s too easy […]

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An easy way to Connect with People you know on LinkedIn

Have you been able to connect with people you know on Linkedin yet? Have you been systematic about connecting? Connecting with people you know and do business with on LinkedIn has many benefits. But are you thoroughly connected to everyone you know? Unfortunately LinkedIn doesn’t provide an easy ‘100%’ tool for connections, as it does […]

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Recycle through the sales funnel

The traditional sales funnel is viewed as linear and one way. This can lead to a lot of wastage as prospects and leads fall by the way-side if they don’t progress to the next stage. It also misses huge opportunities to tap into the potential to leverage progression to feed back into the sales funnel. […]

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