With the buzz around Social Media, online marketing and new marketing for B2B, it’s easy to overlook the importance of traditional marketing, offline marketing such as exhibitions and trade-shows. In business to business (B2B) marketing and lead generation there are huge opportunities to combine new marketing for B2B to get more return from traditional approaches.

There are many opportunities to create mini-campaigns, where traditional marketing can be enhanced by online marketing.

New marketing for B2B company around an exhibition

Here’s and example that is ‘live’ at the moment, building on a trade show they were scheduled to attend.

  • A client of mine is exhibiting at a local business show, along with 140 other local businesses.
  • The event organisers have done a great job of promoting the event, so there should be a good buzz today.
  • They have also set up a social media hashtag for the event on Twitter (#BestofBristol if you’re interested).
  • The physical crowd at the exhibition and the #hashtag crowd will overlap heavily.

My client’s objectives are primarily lead generation, for consultancy and training, through…

  • Face to face contact with people at the exhibition
  • To make contact through the website with people who may not get to the exhibition
  • To increase the SEO value of the website as part of a longer term program
  • To cast their net wider into the local and UK community who have a Health and Safety interest

The social media campaign is quite targeted and tactical, and executed in a couple of hours, and comprises…

  • Update the client’s Twitter profile
  • Connect to several thought-leaders in their sector
  • Create a list of these thought-leaders in Twitter
  • Create a daily online news update using that list using www.paper.li
  • Identify appropriate #hashtags for their industry and prospects
  • Set-up a schedule of tweets using a mix of hashtags for the event and the topics around the exhibition
  • Post some tweets through to LinkedIn, especially for the wider geographic audience
  • Add individual tweets, retweets etc. throughout the day for the personal connection

All being well there should be a compound benefit from the multi-touch, multi-media and multi-channel nature of the campaign.

I’ll let you know how it rolls out, and the results.