A big change is underway, with moves to attract potential customers rather than interrupt them. In most sectors there is a gradual transition taking place. The internet is changing the way buyers buy so sellers need to modify their approach.

What is the basis of attraction marketing?

Interrupt marketing techniques such as cold calling, direct mail and advertising have become less effective in general, as people become resistant to them. Business buyers have created elaborate means to screen out messages they don’t want to hear, with gatekeepers, voice-mail, junk-mail filters, and mental screening techniques, (like just ignoring adverts).

With powerful online search capabilities now available most people will go online to find and research issues and problems, topics they are interested in, or purchases that they are considering. This creates opportunities for suppliers to be found by potential buyers, and to attract potential customers to them.

The search marketing and content marketing  sectors are growing very rapidly as a result.  However, as with all new areas, there is some pioneering involved, and as the initial techniques mature so it becomes saturated and more difficult to stand-out from the crowd.

And although there is little capital outlay or financial expense in content marketing there is a time investment required, to create content, publish and promote it. This can be considerable for minimal eyeballs and even less clicks or lead capture. This can lead to a sense of disappointment and disillusion as responses take a while to build up, and it takes sustained effort to keep the campaign going.

Attract Potential Customers – Seven tips for greater success

Here are SEVEN tips to help you attract potential customers.

1. Be very clear on your objectives. Who are you targeting? What are their interests, aspirations, needs or pain? Where are they itheir buying process? What questions are they likely to be asking? Where will they go to find information or answers. Put yourself in their shoes to develop key phrases and messages that you want to focus your efforts on.

2. Be creative in your approach. Think about something that will stand-out, cut-through the noise, make an emotional engagement with the recipient, ideally encourage them to share it with their colleagues and the wider market. Meeting the basic expectations when people search is a minimum. Exceeding expectations and having a bit of a ‘WOW’ is better.

3. Build a series of related activities. Sustaining a campaign over several months will create greater impact. Core themes and messages can be re-used across different media and channels, such as your blog, social media, search etc.

4. Think multi-media. Executing the campaign in text, audio, images, video and linking in website, social media, partner sites, and more will be great for search ranking and visibility with your target audience.

5. Design your lead capture mechanism. Design and create your landing page and opt-in form and information give-away, or incentive to follow and friend you in Social Media if that’s your preference. These are important goals that you can track and measure.

6. Promote your content actively. You’ve invested effort to create content so work it as hard as you can. As well as the search benefit promote it through Social Media, to exisiting contacts via email, personal contacts and any other way you can.

7. Have your follow-up prepared and ready to roll. Whether this is a personal email reply, an introductory phone call, an email nurture sequence or something else, make sure that contacts are followed up in a way that meets their expectations. If it’s sales people who will follow-up on a marketing led campaign this is even more critical. If you are a small business then setting an automated response will relieve you of the time critical nature of manual response.

Initial success will encourage you to develop the campaign. If success takes a while to come through then it may be appropriate to review and rethink. Having an external eye take a look at your campaign could be very beneficial. It might be that some minor tweaks and amends are all that is needed to make a dramatic difference.


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All the best.