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AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting System Review

AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting Systems LogoWebinars and online meetings  are powerful events to add to marketing and sales campaigns.  For example you might build a lead generation campaign around a webinar about a specific issue, question or challenge that your target audience faces. Choosing a webinar and online meeting system can be a challenge as there are several available on the market.

Webex and GoToMeeting are the market leaders, however these can be expensive for smaller businesses. A system that I’ve identified and used successfully is AnyMeeting. This is an easy to use, fully featured webinar and online meeting system, available either Free or for a low monthly cost. Check out my short review below and see whether this meets your requirements, or gives you some ideas.

Key Features of the AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting System

Send Email Invitations

This is part of the meeting creation and set-up sequence, and ideal for inviting colleagues or business partners to smaller ‘internal meetings’. For marketing and lead generation you’d be better off using your email marketing system.

Create Custom Registration Forms

Create registration forms hosted by AnyMeeting and decide which fields and data you want to capture. This makes it really quick and easy to set up a campaign as you don’t need to update your website.

Sell Tickets to your Webinars

This has great potential, for example if you are running education sessions and want to charge customers or prospects. You can charge for live events and for access to recorded sessions that you promote afterwards.

Promote meetings on Twitter and Facebook

An easy way to announce that you’ve created an event and alert your followers or those who find the event via appropriate keywords and compelling copy.

Customize your AnyMeeting Public Profile

Add your logo and description to your profile when you’re on the chargeable level.

Meet with up to 200 participants

The FREE version allows 200 attendees but is ad supported. The first tier chargeable is currently $17.99 per month and allows 25 attendees, which is a workable number for many small businesses with a focused message for a segment of their audience. The next level is 200 attendees for $69.99 per month. If these levels suit your business profile and marketing campaign plans then read on.

Share Anything on your Screen

Decide whether to share a full screen or a window area within your screen. I find it best to run it from a laptop with a second monitor attached. I share the monitor display which runs the Powerpoint or Product demonstration, and I control the session, chat, polls etc. with the laptop screen.

Application Sharing

You can demonstrate online applications with AnyMeeting, so I can share LinkedIn, Twitter, Hootsuite, Nimble and other Social Media and Social Selling apps with attendees.

Upload and Share Powerpoints and PDFs

You can show presentations in screen share mode, but for quicker responses you can also upload them and reduce the line traffic that might impact the performance speed of your online meeting.

Video Conferencing

This is useful for small meetings such as with business partners, customers and prospects where you want to go into detail and have an interactive online meeting. Consider this as an alternative to Google Hangout.

Integrated Conference calling

Maybe you don’t want a video or visual meeting and a telephone only meeting is sufficient or more practical, for instance if some attendees are on the road travelling.  AnyMeeting supports this so you don’t need to use other systems.

Record and Share Webinars and meetings later

You have the option to record your meetings and create an archive and then share and publicise them. Ideal if some people are unable to make the agreed webinar time-slot, or you make contact with someone subsequently and you want to highlight a particular webinar as it makes a relevant point for your sales campaign.

Interact with your Attendees

There are several ways to make the webinar interactive, such as the chat box and polls, which are great ways to maintain audience engagement and find out what their challenges are. Attendees like to see what others are responding with as well.

Attend from your Tablet

There are new developments which make AnyMeeting accessible from devices other than PCs.

Create Custom Polls, Surveys or Tests

These can be created for use during the online meeting or as part of the pre or post meeting interaction, such as a post meeting survey.

Review Meeting Reports

Attendance and attendee details are recorded and these are accessible after the meeting has finished, to support follow-up contact activity.

Email Attendees a Follow-up Message

Sending a follow-up email is really simple, and extends the value of the online meeting into a further discussion, to recap on key points, ask questions and move prospects through to the next stage of the sales process.

AnyMeeting Support and Community

When I have had questions about the AnyMeeting system the support has been very swift and helpful.

They also provide great advice and guidance to help people make the most of webinars and online meetings, through their blog.

The AnyMeeting organisation has been around for a few years now, although it has been through a name change and rebrand. It is reassuring that the company has a good track record and is not a start-up. They also have a realistic revenue model, so they can invest in infrastructure, support, and service quality.

Looking for a Webinar and Online Meeting System?

If you are looking for a webinar and online meeting system then

I recommend you take a look at AnyMeeting here – or just click the image below.

AnyMeeting Webinar and Online Meeting Systems Logo

And if you need help with webinars and webinar based lead generation campaigns do drop us a line.


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