About Mark Stonham – LinkedIn specialist and Business Development Director


I help people in Trusted Advisor roles to be more successful, to grow their businesses and/or develop their careers, especially by helping them use LinkedIn more effectively.

My (professional) passions and DNA:

  • The business development, marketing and sales process, and how to make it better
  • Innovation and design, and again, how to make things more effective and efficient
  • Community and Service and how people can help others in a win:win arrangement

My (professional) purpose:

  • To help others to reach their potential
  • To connect people where I feel they can help others
  • To improve the marketing and sales ecosystem, even if ever so slightly

How I plan to achieve this:

  • I have designed and developed the LinkedWIN Business Development Blueprint specifically for individuals who want to be more successful in Trusted Advisor roles.
  • I have created, lead and facilitate the Wurlwind community which brings together individuals, organisations and resources focused on helping people in Trusted Advisor roles to be more successful.

Why Now?

I am in a fortunate position to be able to devote more time to developing a professional community alongside the LinkedIn Training and Business Development Consultancy services I deliver.

My background:

I am a business development specialist with 30 years experience in sales, marketing and business development.

  • At school I had a charity pools collection round and sold vegetables I’d grown outside the front get. The entrepreneurial and sales bug was starting.
  • At University I spent a Christmas working in Retail Sales with John Lewis and a summer in door-to-door double glazing canvassing. I discovered I really enjoyed the sales world.
  • I ‘sold’ myself into various career positions, gaining employment with Lloyds Bank, IBM, Orange, and into several technology businesses into BDM and Sales Management roles.
  • In several positions I’ve had the 7 figure quota, 7 figure clients and 7 figure contract deals, selling into mid-range commercial businesses and Tier 1 Financial Services Companies including HBOS, BUPA, Prudential, Winterthur and many mid-tier businesses.

My “hidden talent”:

  • I also have a passion for leading groups and communities. Alongside my professional career (and studies), I have also been:
    • – Chair of the CIM Bristol branch for 3 years
    • – Chair of the Bath and Bristol National Trust Volunteer group
    • – Chair of the University Hiking Club at UMIST
    • – Scout leader for 5 years

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