Keeping things simple, and tidy, can be a very effective strategy to grow your business. For those of us in business development, sales and marketing, we need to stay current, with the market, with clients, and with our value service. Clutter gets in the way! It distracts us. And it can confuse prospects.

Time spent de-cluttering, spring cleaning, detoxing, rationalising, and otherwise removing things that are a distraction and a burden can pay handsome dividends.

Using the headings and sections above, here are some simple things that can pay big dividends.

  1. Review and clarify your passion and purpose, your value add and proposition. Put it into a simple, buyer oriented and buyer- friendly phrase, and build out from there to add substance.
  2. Rationalise and reduce your contacts – especially where there is duplication across multiple systems. Synchronising contacts between your computer, phone, team members etc makes much more sense than having multiple copies.
  3. Review and identify key events and activities that are annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily and verify their importance and prioritise them. Chances are you’ll need to eliminate some to save time, and even more if you need to add new events.
  4. Eliminate out of date and ineffective communications, both ones you generate and ones you receive. Review and identify a set of core messages that put across your proposition well. Look for opportunities to re-use and re-purpose them into multiple formats. Implement them across your website and email, social media and elsewhere so there is a consistent message, for people and for search engines.
  5. Simple systems that are used well can be far more beneficial than complex systems that don’t get used or are used badly. Personal and team productivity can be improved if people can access tools that are easy to use, and where it’s easy to enter and retrieve data.

For example, to meet the areas covered above, a simple Contact Management and Communications system such as Nimble Social CRM can be very effective to help people like us to manage contacts, calendar, communications and track progress towards our sales goals.