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If you’re based around Bristol check out my next LinkedIn workshops – on 6th Feb & 6th March

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Video Testimonial for Mark Stonham and his LinkedIn Training by Vicky Henderson


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Hi, I’m Mark Stonham

Meet Mark Stonham LinkedIn Trainer Wurlwind

My mission is to help Experts and Specialists to be more successful. My clients are mainly consultants and people in trusted advisor roles who help people make decisions. I advise, train and help them leverage LinkedIn for Business Development. I rewrite LinkedIn Profiles, deliver LinkedIn Training and provide Business Development support. I've developed the LinkedWIN self-assessment tool to help experts identify weak links in their business development and where to focus their time to find and win new clients and grow their businesses. Check it out...

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Customer Testimonials for our

LinkedIn Profile Rewrites, LinkedIn Training and  Business Development Consultancy

Mike Kemball Linkedin Profile Image

Mark has been enlightening and helpful with my whole approach to Linkedin – from my overall strategy (including my why), drafting the LinkedIn Profile and follow-on LinkedIn coaching sessions. With his extensive experience working with people who market their services he is able to challenge effectively to drill into what sets us apart from everyone else. I happily recommend Mark and his professional services.

LinkedIn Profile Rewrite Steve Benger Accelerus

I was introduced to Mark when we were rebranding Accelerus. He helped us develop a project and results focus to the LinkedIn profiles of the senior team. This positioned our strengths and experience very well and created a consistent style.

Ian Parker LinkedIn Profile Image

I turned to Mark to take an objective look at my personal branding, LinkedIn profile and business positioning. As the “outsider” he promptly bought much needed “fresh thinking” to my LinkedIn profile and corporate page. Ideas that I rapidly flowed into my website and Twitter banner. His recommendations were well thought out and have readily chimed with my target audiences.

Mike Wilsher LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark did a brilliant job of seeing the wood for the trees on my LinkedIn profile. He managed to dissemble what I’m about and draw the thread through everything that I’ve done so that the whole adds up to more than the sum of the parts. I’m now delighted with my LinkedIn profile – it’s so much clearer, sharper and has so much more impact. Well done, Mark. It was a pleasure working with you too!

Kate McEwan LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark gave a presentation on LinkedIn to the Bristol Small Business Forum. He covered some areas that I had absolutely no knowledge of. I came away from his talk inspired to action and with a lot of ideas to take forward.
His knowledge of LinkedIn is really phenomenal and his powers of analysis mean that he can identify individual needs very quickly to find the appropriate solution.

Jon Welfoot LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark has been assisting me with my personal profile and how I can make better use of LinkedIn as a business development resource. Not only does he have an impressive grasp of his subject but his delivery is first class too. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s services.

Ian Dodd LinkedIn Portrait Image

Mark’s LinkedIn Masterclass made me realise what a great business tool LinkedIn can be, and it is not just a “Facebook” for professionals. I would and will advise any owner/ MD of a small business to attend.

Marc Lawn LinkedIn Profile Image

Mark’s support & advice is invaluable for anyone who is looking to stand out from the crowd. His business background means that his recommendations are not only thoughtful & thought provoking but they are relevant & not just theoretical.