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    Your Future Success in Sales and Business depends on Who Knows You and What They Know About You. What you know and who you know is no longer enough. Follow these 3 Steps to Social Selling Success!  

Step 1: What should I Say? – How to Open Doors with a strong Customer Value Proposition and Personal Branding

Stand out from the crowdWe have a golden opportunity to start sales conversations on a more equal footing with well-informed buyers. Personal branding that delivers a clear customer value proposition is a powerful technique to establish credibility really quickly. Click to Discover how to STAND OUT from the Crowd on LinkedIn

Step 2: What should I Do? – How to use LinkedIn more effectively to Start Conversations and Build Sales Relationships

LinkedIn social network for businessSales Professionals and Business Owners who master LinkedIn and Social Selling techniques are being more successful that those who haven't yet. Find out how to use LinkedIn to get more influence with the right business decision-makers. Click here to Find 5 ways to Squeeze more Sales Juice from LinkedIn

Step 3: What support can I get? How to identify and develop the resources to support effective Social Selling

Ideas and PreparationThe right resources and tools improves customer engagement and makes selling more professional, productive and effective. Sales leaders are recognising the importance of teamwork and systems to Connect Social with Sales. Click to discover the sales resources you need for effective social selling
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Mark uses his hands-on experience to convey LinkedIn in a clear and simple way.

Jonathan Smith AXIS

Very useful. I learned more about LinkedIn in the first couple of hours of the Wurlwind course than I could have done in two days on my own.

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The AXA Group is the first European insurance company to co-operate with LinkedIn globally on all three of the social media platform’s key business offerings: Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. This agreement will give AXA distribution teams worldwide access to a proven business development platform, as well as improve the service they provide to clients. With this announcement, AXA joins a fast-growing number of companies that are embracing the impact professional networks can have across three challenges every business contends with: hiring, marketing and selling.

Source: Axa/LinkedIn Press Release.