Pocket Guide when Printed LinkedIn Lead Generation Pocket Guide

Discover Essential Strategies, Techniques and tactics

- to Optimize Your Personal Profile for Leads

- for Effective Prospecting Activities

We teach these techniques on our LinkedIn Masterclass workshops

Feedback about the Guide has been Very Positive!

What our clients say about Wurlwind…

In just just one morning Mark succinctly gave insights and practical information on using LinkedIn. Really useful.

Stuart Nurse Equation Media

Mark put together a very thorough LinkedIn course. Mark’s reputation on LinkedIn is very well known and I can see why. If you think you know LinkedIn you might think again after talking to Mark.  He taught me many new features of this ever changing network and it was time very well spent.

Ben Wheeler Linkedin Portrait

The masterclass gave me the broad overview of how to use this powerful tool – as well as some nifty little tricks I wouldn’t find in 10 years of working with LinkedIn.

Graham Hall Linkedin Portrait